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These days, free sex tubes are something else entirely. This brings us to X Movies For You. Are they behind the times or ahead of the curve? What the Hell is Going On Here? Instead of the usual wall of porn thumbnails, you expect on a site giving out sex movies, XMovies For You hits you with a blog-style layout. Each thumbnail still links to a dirty movie, but instead of a solid grid, you get a bunch of boxes with xmovies for lot of text.

Too much text, honestly. You xmovies for a title and the first sentence of a synopsis, and that takes up as much room as the pic. Either way, the couple dozens of scenes on the front were added today. Watching Movies Through a Weird-Looking Tube I know what most of you are you thinking: who gives a fuck about the layout? It certainly looks good from the outside. Among the interracial threesomes and teen blowjobs are some cuckold sessions and taboo scenes. The presentation is blog-style again. I get a short video description and a bigger image of the chick on the floor at the top. I also get the weirdest sense of deja vu; I think I banged this chick one time and then blacked out from all the Viagra I railed.

Instead of the usual single video player like on every other site, there are three embedded on the. I clicked play on the first player on the screen. It buffered for about ten seconds before this tired and beautiful chick appeared on the screen, flipping through a book. Daddy comes up behind and starts rubbing her shoulders. I skipped ahead to the doggystyle scene and it hit me. I know where I remember this chick from!

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I saw her getting boned on DadCrush, although maybe I just remember that from the watermark on this hour-long porno movie. They played the movie without much problem besides more buffering than I like. The third link sent me to some weird spam that claimed I was about to watch a video, and xmovies for either sent me to the Google app store or a really good fake meant to steal personal information.

I was going to write that the third-party hosts made it easy to download from XMoviesForYou. My blocked spam count for the site after watching this one video is Or the Tuna? Nothing else. I did end up finding some info beneath that Katie Kush movie, though. I guess the good news is they have a dozen more Katie movies, and 8 whole s of clips stolen from DadCrush.

The Blonde and Teen archives are, naturally, hundreds of s deep. Using site names as tags will either annoy you or thrill you.

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The frustrating thing here is that lack of a list. A Fair Trade for Some Smut? A bit of spam for some free porn is the regular trade that any tube asks you to make. Sites that specialize in premium content, like XMoviesForYou, tend to have more spam than the rest. I prefer beating off to sites with better sorting for their massive collections.

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