X rated shows on netflix

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How do I say this politely? Every now and then, we all just need a little bit of… extra stimulus. And in a world where everything and anything is online, extra stimulus is really easy to find — except for on your favorite streaming service. For the most part, unless you have a subscription to a premiere movie channel app, raunchy movies on a streaming service are pretty hard to find.

But there are actually some really dirty movies you can watch on Netflix. Or morning. Or afternoon. Or whenever you — ahem — need it.

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And I, for one, prefer a good movie sex scene to porn any day. Cough The English Patient Cough cough. There are plenty of dirty movies to keep you content. Because they have really good storylines. No, really, they do. Watch as this powerful attorney does his best to keep his penchant for escorts out of the limelight.

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It has to be dirty, right? I hesitate to put this movie on any list since it perpetuates the myths surrounding single women, but damn are those sex scenes hawt. Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman getting it on before they got a divorce. In group sex scenes, no less.

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This film about a woman with some pretty interesting hygienic habits also has some self-pleasure scenes that anyone could get behind. Another one that I hesitate to put on for moral reasons, but this movie about a teacher who falls in love with her student is ridiculously raunchy. Apparently a lot in this movie about a married man reliving his sex-filled past.

There might not be a ton of sex in this beautiful little film, but the little that there is is pretty darn good. Think real and honest. In other words: the best kind.

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Renaissance sex. The best kind.

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Seeing what's underneath all of those layers always feel so much more exciting. This relationship is put to the test with flirtations and passionate love affairs. The passionate love affairs is the part you're going to want to fast forward to. The filth in this movie is talked about more than it is shown, but, if hearing about wild sex acts is your kind of thing, then this movie is definitely for you. She's as dangerous as she is sexy, but at least she'll show you a good time before she kills you.

So, even though Netflix has sworn off pornography, there are still enough movies to scratch that itch. I mean the itch for artfully done sex scenes, of course. What itch were you thinking?

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Get your mind out of the gutter. By Emily Lackey.

X rated shows on netflix

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5 Sex-Obsessed Netflix Movies That Would Scandalize the F Out of MTRCB