Witch trainer walkthrough

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Here is a full guide on how to get through the Witch Trainer Silver game. Battle with Snape: Optional, can be skipped 1 By searching the cubboard every day you should find 2 potions which you can use to heal yourself during combat. Pro tip: make sure the animation box on the map is UNchecked. Select the Weasley Store icon. When in doubt stick to the starred options. Get her personal favor level high enough and you will no longer be able to do public favors and if you get her public level high enough you will be locked into the public ending.

This will give you the option to invite him to watch her dance for future favors. Click on her name to find a few outside scenes involving a new character. Talk to Snape and he will say the culprit needs to be found, talk to Hermione after that and ask her to help the investigation. She will bring in Astoria a few days later. Astoria will try to curse you and Tonks will show up a few days after that. Tonks will say it is alright to use curses if she can work at the school and trade favors.

Summon Astoria and she will invite Susan and place a curse on her. Afterwards Astoria will want to learn new spells to curse Susan so witch trainer walkthrough to Snape and he will give you a spellbook. It takes 3 tries to learn each new spell and there are 3 total. After every curse is used on Susan Astoria needs to spend the day with Tonks before she can use the next curse.

She will mention the announcer has been injured so you must select the talk option with Hermione and ask her to be the announcer and then talk with Cho to let her know Hermione agreed. When you start training her she will get upset and you will lose the ability to train her, she will ask to be trained again in a few days when she becomes desperate or by calling her witch trainer walkthrough giving her a gift or two to calm her down.

For example she mentions the Hufflepuff seeker always trying to look up her skirt so before the matches with Hufflepuff make sure she is wearing the skirt. Talk to Hermione and she will mention that Luna never fit in at her house. You can only pick one but if you play with cheats then you can reset her. Pick any options you want, she loves them all. Some favors need to be repeated a few times to unlock the next one. Content ends with the scene in her bed. Content ends when Hermione wipes her mind. Content ends at threesome scene.

By checking this and saving before you do a favor with her you can see how your choices impacted her points. He also gives 2 additional potions which as far as I can tell currently do nothing. Also the milk potion has multiple scenes. Quest items: Actually these are a bit hidden and you need to offer the person Only Hermione currently has any quests a gift then click the quest item icon above the available items you have to give next to the heart icon Not the heart icon at the upper right of the screen.

The tree goes along the left side of the picture, the moon is in the upper right, and the top half of an owl is above the empty square which goes in the bottom right. Card Game: The card game is very simple and largely luck based thanks to all the times a random deck is used.

Winning will get you tokens which you can spend on some decorations in the Weasley shop. Direct touching only. So if your card has a witch trainer walkthrough which will be facing your opponents card with a 6 you can safely put that card down and it will remain your color. Phoenix: You can feed and pet it every day and the game tracks this in statistics. Achievements: The achievements are pretty straight forward and most tell you how to unlock them however there are 8 secret achievements: 1 Knock knock — Turn away someone knocking at your door. Hi there. How to get the potion room?

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Witch trainer walkthrough

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