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Maze does not share addresses nor any other personal or medical data with third parties. Learn more about the causes of low sexual desirearousal disordersand the treatments available. Spector, M. Carey, and L. Take our Quiz. Not all all. Once a month. Once every two weeks.

Once to twice a week. Once a day or more. During this last month, how often have you had sexual thoughts involving a partner? Not urge sex maze all. Maybe once or twice a week. At least 3 times a week. When you have sexual thoughts, how strong is your desire to actually engage in sexual activity with a partner?

I'm actually not very interested in that. I could take it or leave it. If my partner was here, I'd probably go for it. I really wish my partner was here so we could get going. When you see a person that you find sexually attractivehow strong is your desire to act on it? I really don't feel any sexual desire. I might think about sex fleetingly, but it quickly disappears.

I will think about it on and off for a day or two. I will often fantasize about the person and sometimes masturbate thinking about them. When you are in romantic situations such as a candle-lit dinner, a walk on the beach, etc. I like the romance, but I don't particularly want sex. I get turned on and hope it will lead to a sexual encounter. Compared to other people of your age, how would you rate your desire to behave sexually with a partner? Very low. Maybe a bit lower than others. I think I am probably about the same as other people. During the past 2 months, how often have you masturbated including touching your genitals for pleasure, inserting something into your vagina, or attempting to have an orgasm?

How strong is your desire to engage in sexual behavior by yourself? I think about masturbating quite a lot. How long could you go comfortably without having sexual activity of some kind, either by yourself or with a partner? Probably a year. Maybe a few months. About a month. Not longer than 2 weeks.

When I see a sexy movie or read a sexy book, I Skip through the sex scenes--I think they are boring. I get turned on and I like to revisit those scenes to turn myself on more at other times. Urge sex maze is Up! Get your detailed now! Score High. Something is wrong with your submission. Where Are You Located? Please send an information packet. Please send a Newsletter. Submit by FormLift.

Urge sex maze

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