Ultra strip fighter

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Anyone can scribble together a silly joke based on an existing person, place or thing. When the parody stands up straight as if it were a serious work; however, you end up with something that feels like a head-fuck of masterful work. Some moves are a little more far out though. The fighting system is built with simplicity in mind. Those who choose not to be keyboard warriors; however, can opt to use joysticks, fightp and your garden variety Xbox controller.

The attacks generally differ depending on whether or not one is crouching, or the distance of your character from theirs. Special attacks are generally not much more complex than quarter circles and DP motions. There are a couple of charge characters but for the most part, they use quarter circle and DP motions. Keeping with the spirit of Street Fighter IVcharacters in the Strip Fighter parody are able to do plenty of the same things that the original game featured.

Players are able to do focus attacks, allowing them to absorb one hit of damage to deliver a strong counter attack. Perform one of these super combos to win your second round and you are given the opportunity to perform sex acts upon the losing opponent. These pretty much only work against the opposite sex, which is actually sort disappointing for those who wish to see some same-sex action. In order to pull off a finisher you have to perform a strip combo, which usually requires a double quarter circle motion and pressing all three attack buttons. This may leave unfamiliar players puzzled and perhaps even consider shutting off the game out of confusion.

During my playthrough, I was actually convinced that I had broken the game and had ended up in training mode. The combos that players can perform come in the shape of frame links that allow for some combo chaining to occur. Another way to combo in this game is to use the focus attack to bounce the opponent off of the wall and attempt to juggle them. The fighting system while better than some games, still has some issues that could stand to be fixed.

There is also an issue with some moves doing inconsistent damage; inconsistent, in that sometimes a confirmed hit will either do some damage or no damage at all. When in the middle of play it may be easy to ignore, but when it is noticed it is pretty jarring. Fighting can also get pretty cheap, making the game considerably easier when you manage to get the timing down. If you can get a hard knockdown and perform a focus attack just as an opponent is waking up, you can pretty much keep them trapped and unable to do much until you slip up or they have enough time for a throw attack.

It only features a story, versus, and practice mode. You do get a hard mode, ultra strip fighter in order to get that, you pretty much have to beat the main story mode. As far as the lewd factor goes, the cast consists of many well-endowed women and a few petite girls. The women are all pretty sexy looking, dressed in revealing outfits that show cleavage, to ultra strip fighter even trying to prevent a nipple slip. Playing through the story ultra strip fighter eventually le you to a visual novel-esque cut-scene, that features one of the characters being molested by a tentacle monster with some voice acting thrown in.

Even the erotic attacks sound good, without cutting off in weird ways or sounding overly repetitive. The only bit that sounds bad is the announcer, who sounds really muffled and silly. The music for the most part, is forgettable and feels rather inconsistent in quality. The BGM consists of what sounds like pop music and some other styles arranged with cheap sounding synths.

The animation varies a bit in quality, due to the style chosen for sprites. Each sprite looks as if they were fully drawn and then animated with only a few variations. The major stylistic fault here is the backgrounds, which look rather cheaply done with some really ugly 3D graphics. They could have gone for static, drawn backgrounds, hell, even a still photograph would have fared better than the backgrounds they chose. This is all made worse by the fact that the native resolution of the game is rather small and trying to make it larger really degrades the image quality.

The game, for as light as it is, can be a bit CPU intensive as well. On the computer I used to review this, slowed down ultra strip fighter when I tried to play the game at a larger resolution. Faster computers may not have very much trouble with this, but this forced me to have to play the game with a rather small window size. With better presentation, animation, and a more finely tuned fighting system, they could make a future Strip Fighter game that would challenge the perception of a hentai fighting game. Yes, I am No, I am not. Unfortunately, these browsers don't support some CSS properties that are important to the layout of this site.

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Ultra strip fighter

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