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Essays by breaktimewritings. Summary: Belle is a student in Prof. When she accidentally turns in erotic fiction tumblr teacher student sex than an essay to her favorite professor things get…well I can imagine you know how things get. Summary: Lacey, leaving behind her party-girl ways, has gone back to college to finish her degree. The fact that arguing with him makes her blood run hot is really not helping.

Gold comes in and it suddenly hits her that her professor is wearing that exact same ring! Higher Education by extree. Summary: Belle French is an English student with a relentless four year crush on the ever-so-slightly intimidating Professor Gold. She sneaks up on the roof of one of the Arts department buildings to have herself a little college experience i. Summary: Belle works as an escort to pay her college fees; her new client is her thesis supervisor, Professor Gold. Summary: In which Rush tries to make new friends at Oxford and Belle works late. Prompt by Worryinglyinnocent.

Summary: Escort! Belle and Professor! So, here it is! Sacred Energy by bad-faery. Summary: When Mr. Gold decides to take a class on Tantra in an attempt to cure his inhibitions, instructor Belle French teaches him more than he ever expected to learn. Summary: Lacey French thinks Professor Rush marks her work too harshly and goes to confront him in his office.

Storybrooke Academy by JediAnnieScrambler. Summary: Belle is a student at Storybrooke Academy and Mr. Gold is her teacher, but what happens when she gets detention? Chronicling their relationship from the first detention through senior year. Storybrooke High by nothingeverlost. The Death of Him by ShipperQueen Summary: Energy can be transformed from one form to another, but it cannot be created or destroyed.

Or, the story of how one exceedingly disagreeable Oxford physics major loses his belt and his virginity during office hours. The Reunion by TheScholarlyStrumpet. Summary: Mr. Gold wakes up in his motel room with a naked women next to him in his bed who he recognizes as his ex-student Belle French. Both are there to attend the High School Reunion Weekend. While Our Beds are Burning by rowofstars. Summary: Professor Gold and his graduate assistant Belle French grade some midterm essays… eventually.

Summary: When the irresistible Miss French needed an extra chaperone for the class trip to France, Mr. Rumbelle Smut Fanfiction This blog is dedicated to the amazing smut of the Rumbelle fandom. Organize by kink, you can find whatever smut you are in the mood for! And don't forget to look at the amazing NSWF tumblr teacher student sex. Search Posts. Higher Education by extree Summary: Belle French is an English student with a relentless four year crush on the ever-so-slightly intimidating Professor Gold.

Prompt by Worryinglyinnocent Summary: Escort! Gold student!

Tumblr teacher student sex

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