Tumblr moms secret

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I got off work early today and came home without texting my son to let him know I was on the way. When I came inside I didnt know where he was so I looked for him and found him in the basement, watching porn on his Xbox I didnt know that could be done. He was totally naked and jerking off. He was so into it he didnt hear me walk in.

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I was shocked to see him doing that right there in the game room. I thought he would sense I was there but he didnt. He just kept jerking away. I watched for like 3 or 4 minutes and I couldnt help but get turned on.

I should have left but something inside me was pushing me to stay. Then I realized as I watched him that I was thinking about what it would be like to suck it. I felt terrible but I was still turned on and still thinking about it. I decided I either needed to leave or go suck it. One or the other. I actually turned to leave, then realized that leaving was not what I wanted to do.

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It was scary, but I walked around the couch in front of him. He was scared but he didnt even have anything to cover up with. Before he could say anything I dropped to my knees and started sucking it. I couldnt beleive I was doing it, but as soon as I wrapped my lips around it I was glad I did it. I gave him the best blowjob I know how to give. I was kissing it, licking it, sucking it, sucking his balls. I know I got him close to cumming three times but stopped sucking to make it last. Finally after maybe 10 minutes I locked on and went for the cum.

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After a minute or two he moaned and filled my mouth with his cum. I was so happy he didnt warn me or anything. I wanted it. After he was finished cumming I swallowed it all. He was stunned. He finally spoke and said it was amazing. I agreed and told him I really enjoyed doing it.

He is outside shooting basketball now. I am excited at the thought of doing it again but am unsure how to approach it. I really hope it somehow happens again. Posts Likes Archive. So she did…. Illicit love between the bride and the father of the bride. Ohh, did I do that? Caught my son jerking and I sucked it. So hot. More kotova.

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My god she is gorgeous. Those feet and legs. Mmmmmm Sniff Sniff. Why men love younger girls. Always wett. Looks like trouble to me.

Tumblr moms secret

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