Town of passion book puzzle

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The books at the beginning are a part of the puzzle to get the Lust book Roselyn wants to make costumes, then the books can be taken out and interacted with just like you do consuming a potion to get a semi-plethora of lore. Gets you to know about the monsters, history of Valencia and boundaries, and about the place you go to win the hearts of the women when they have doubt or question themselves. Next version should be focusing on getting to endgame. A to Q2: What do you mean by that? And which Goddess are you referring to? If you mean Minerva's mission after reaching Passion Level 1 to go save the Goo Kingdom, that was developed and finished in version 1.

A to Q3: You cannot really cut the trees in the game Oh, you mean the giant logs cutting access to two areas? That will be post Endgame.

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Hi, I just answered this question somewhat in "A to Q2". Repeating, it cannot be completed just yet because it is not available. After reaching Passion 3 Minerva gives you the Dive Power, go to Valencia Coast to eventually but not currently start the Passion 2 - A Wet Encounter which is funny because not only are you diving into water, it will involve water creatures as well!

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Among another "wet" if you catch my drift. Log in Register. Indie game store Free games Fun games Horror games. Are you 18 years of age or older?

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Remember my setting for this browser. Yes, I am 18 or older or Return to itch. Town of Passion By Siren. Add to collection. Town of Passion community. Friends, how are the library tasks of your aunt Rose? A topic by xp created Sep 15, Views: 12, Replies: 9. Viewing posts 1 to 4. I don't quite understand the meaning of the book, please.

I don't quite understand the meaning of these books, please. DraculLair Vania 1 year ago 1 edit.

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Ok, thank you very much for your answer. But I still have a few questions What part of the 1. When can I cut wood? DraculLair Vania 1 year ago. Thank you very much, I feel that I have already played the end of this version. E4 days ago. Log in to reply the discussion. Log in or create a free itch.

Town of passion book puzzle

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Town of Passion: Book & Pillar Puzzle Guide