Torrid stories of sex

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The hand on his dick stroked up to the flared edge of his cock-head in a strong firm pull, then his thumb swiped across the head. Trey's mouth opened and his hips jerked, pushing his cock into the guy's hand. He couldn't help it. It felt so damned good. The guy smiled and stroked down slowly, then up slowly, then down again. Slow smooth stroke after slow smooth stroke. In fact, too slow. Trey gasped and strained, torrid stories of sex not to push into his hand to make him go faster.

He wanted to cum, but he didn't want to cum in another guy's hand. But God, he desperately, desperately It felt so good. It felt too good. It felt like his dick was going to explode and his head with it. Too close. Way too close. You're right on the edge. Pre-cum slithered under his thumb. Erotic fire flared from Trey's balls to the tip of his dick. He choked and his body took over, his brain going bye-bye. A moan escaped his mouth. He bucked hard into the guy's hand, and kept bucking, thrusting into the guy's palm, fucking his hand.

His breath came in pants making small embarrassingly desperate sounds. He was going to cum. His head tilted back, his body thrusting into a hot palm lubricated by his own pre-cum, he stared straight into the guy's black and direct gaze, looming over him, only inches from his face. His balls tensed and released. He froze and felt the delicious fire of his release jetting up his dick. He cried out, his eyes trying to close, his mouth open with the ecstasy of cutting loose. And he spilled, and spilled, shooting his load. His hips jerked instinctively, thrusting his cock into the guy's hand, using his tight grip to milk himself dry.

He moaned and his knees gave out, falling forward onto the guy. The guy released his hair, and his dick. Trey laid his head on the guy's shoulder, panting for breath, his body shaking from the effects of his climax, his heart racing in his chest. Very sweet. I was a student in Kansas City and was staying in student housing.

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This was a new situation, having grown up in Iowa. The first thing I noticed was that while I was surrounded by cute guys, I lost some degree of freedom by sharing a room with another guy, Jesse. Jesse Michaels was a dream come true. If it weren't for the fact that he was straight, I would have been in love.

My college classes, some scant five years before, hadn't told me about how to fight off an amorous advance from an alien! I have watched your eyes. You watch me. Do you not want me? He positioned himself directly in front of Trey, his booted feet between Trey's bare feet. His hand moved between them in a short up-down movement that brushed against Trey's belly. The guy wouldn't let him.

The guy reached down with his other hand to grab Trey's ass-cheek, his fingers digging in. He hunched, thrusting his dick up against Trey's stomach. He relaxed and thrust again, then groaned. The guy was masturbating against Trey's belly.

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Handcuffed and trapped in the guy's embrace, Trey had no choice but to submit to the cock rubbing against his stomach greased in his own cum. The guy bucked against him, thrusting hard and fast, his balls banging softly against Trey's. His breathing sped up to tight pants. He opened his mouth and tasted the guy's sweat, and his arousal, against his tongue.

It tasted The guy moaned and shivered violently. His thrusts became erratic. Trey could not stop himself from lapping the guy's neck, tasting him all the way to back side of his jaw. He closed his teeth on the lobe of the guys' ear, just because. The guy froze, and jerked against his stomach. Trey felt a bolt of shock. He had cum.

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He had known he would, that was the point of this exercise, but still He'd never actually felt another guy's release happen against his own body. The guy thrust again, slower this time, grinding his dick against Trey until all rigidity was gone. He slumped against Trey, groaning and pressing him back against the wall. His heart hammered against Trey's chest. He smiled. He hadn't thought of that. The guy took Trey's mouth in a fierce kiss, and pulled back. Come home with me. I can't. His brow lifted.

Not for me The water hissed on. The water went off. The guy walked back into the stall with his dick tucked in his pants and wet paper towels in his hand. And God help him, preferably his 'only'. Trey shivered under the strong strokes.

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I haven't had a virgin ass in ages. The cuffs rattles against the safety bar. What a load of crap! Trey scowled.

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Trey tried to resist, but the guy's tongue found its way into his mouth, and then somehow Trey found himself stroking the guy's tongue with his own, kissing him back just as fiercely. Moans boiled from his throat. The guy released him and scowled. He'd kissed him back.

Torrid stories of sex

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