The legend of crystal

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The game has been inspired by the original Flash Game. The main character of the game is Krystal. The Krystal will be sent to a jungle in order to search for an escaped criminal, a female lust demon. However shit happens with her ship and with her untied efforts she manages to land in a rain forest that was the last location of her target.

The land on which the Krystal landed is home to some of the most dangerous animal species such as lizards and dinosaurs like people. Krystal learns the lust demon started some chaos before moving to a new location which is of the special religious importance to the natives. The Legend of Krystal Rebirth was a widely popular furry flash game from As compared to the version of the game, the gameplay style of this version has been reconstructed and make easy to understand.

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The Krystal has also been redeed. The missproton that the Krystal will undertake in the game is of geographical and political importance and she is alone in her missproton.

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After the failure of the ship, Krystal finds herself stuck on a planet which is the home to tribal and magic drove lizard-like peoples. Krystal is prevented from pursuing the lust demon unless she proves her importance and helps the clan going back on their feet. The game is a blend of sim, strategy, and role-playing. Your main objective in the game is to find allies and acquire the means by which you can complete your missproton. As the Krystal, you will have to find your place in a lizardmen clan and climb within its social rank. Download Here. Please if you are not redirected within a few seconds.

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The legend of crystal

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The Legend of Krystal