Slave lords of the galaxy

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Rate the game: 5 4 3 2 1. This porn game puts the player in the shoes of a Slave Trainer who lost his home and sets out on a quest across the galaxy for vengeance, power and a whole lotta sex. Game loading. Hide this guide. Name: Register Your Comment:. Jonny I like the witch. Nikki too short. Intellectual Dear anon they let you unlock everything. And yes i know where to put it. Mistress If you can't get started, talk to the slave and then click the blinking yellow quest button in the middle of the options.

Anonymous Fuck, this one's so fucking good! The screen just goes blank after flashing for a second. Other games on the site work so I don't its my system. Jink how can I make the game work? ThousandsHaki how to pass in the end of current build. But i will say im glad this one had more detail, and i like it. Now to find the other half!!! Anonym I need more from this game! Nathan D.

When i go full fuckin speed i only fill three of the bars than fuckin die! Cause' the first time I played it, it said that it ended on the stadium part. Antlo How do I save the game. We generally get the energy thing but not the mood. Make sure you keep talking to her. TheOdd1sOut I can never get passed the beginning fight. Rando whens the rest come out? Dafuq Is the sisterhood the next gen feminist or what?

Tait Is there anything more in specials?? If yes how do I unlock it??? Guy How do you unlock 2nd mission? I've tried anything, even restarted game a couple of times. Steven Named ship Slaver. The Dwarfinator ello chaos who seem to be having trouble. Those of us on mobile may find using Puffin browser helpful. If you look in the upper right corner, you will find a series of three lines. Click this to make a menu pop up. Then enable the 'Mouse' option. You will receive a mouse which can be employed to click and drag, something that is otherwise very difficult for us.

This is very helpful with the puzzle before the demonic succubusses. This is also used to begin training your slave, you'll need to help her wound first. Try talking to her. Then you can get going. I'll check back in a few days to aid w Rei I can't make her apologize Kamila check the profile. James How do i make the jigsaw puzzle connect? YO YO how do you get the tan that gide secret. YO YO how do you get that "Tan that hide" secret. Jupiter Awesome game. Pyp pyp pyp What is the color code in the cave? Damn How the shit you get pass the puzzle in the cave? Retards to feed your slave just click on others and eat is a option.

Max I see your point and somewhat agree - I'm just saying that there's too much of it. Too much talking, too much clicking on dialog boxes. I enjoyed this game a lot, and im waiting for part 2 :. Max I think this is the most annoying fucking game Slave lords of the galaxy played here. So much fucking dialogue! Who gives a shit?! ProjectP You have to over spank her to get more spanking tools. Also, you need to make her eat from the dog bowl three days in a row to get the bunny outfit. OMG Great fucking game. Acheivements Anyone figure out how to unlock the extra acheivements? I got the one for high earner.

You have to get credits in the bank. It unlocks some extra clothes. Bhikkhu Excellent game! The Dwarfinator Just finished it. Very very good! Can't wait to fuck up the sisterhood. I mean, I understand their position, and their ideology, but for fucks sake, they're like freakin hyponotist nazis.

At least I'm nice to my slave! Can't wait for it to be finished. Aryui's gotta be my favourite character so far. So cute! The only point missing is because of it not being finished yet. Love the reference to Slave Lord. Vadim Ok, I will check it.

Mackenny Hello boys from GameOfDesires. You have some problem with Flash things on your. When I open this game on clearwithout your added flahs strips, game work good. Check and try fix it. No problem in game, problem in where is opened. Mackenny I dont know why and what, but in game sometimes Flash absolutly freezed and no reacted for seconds. No big action hapend, only text windows appeared and clicked. But Flash reacted like big detailed animation playing In intro is the same problem, need click on green elipse but game not reacted. Still failed. Look at this, I dont need buy a new machine for one game In detail I have only two years old laptop.

Zhin The thousand hands operates without mercy or hesitation.

Slave lords of the galaxy

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