Simgirls 7.0

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Read Comic Play Game. Lovemore the Game Lovemore Gifts. Simgirls Gold is the complete version of Simgirls after 14 years of development! New features are added and all known issues are fixed. New collectible item - Nanotech Spy Cam with unique feature. Access to Akira's apartment. Don't know how? See FAQ. New interactive main map; players can visit all 23 major locations appeared in the game. A complete Sana's storyline with new scene at each relationship stage 5 new scenes in total. A new mini-game the Lovemore Cafe.

A new part-time job at the Ocean's restaurant. Throw all the old cheat sheets away! A new, longest and hardest ending ever. Run a new Lovemore cafe to earn collectible trading cards. A re-deed talk feature with girls at school; knowledge level will play a big role this time. Black Stone Trading - a new system to make money.

See a comparison below :D. A new hidden Xmas Eve scene on Day It is like simgirls 7.0 mini version of the mega-playboy ending. Two new scenes for Karin - One scene is featuring Karin and You know what crazy things can happen. In another scene, Junta will finally get to play a role. New minimalist interface de: clean, easy to read, unisex, no more unnecessary information, no more over-the-top decorations. The mouse pointer has also been changed to a stylus. New firework festival scene for Kotomi - It is both romantic and hot.

One of my new favorite. Kotomi's girlfriend scene also updated - It will be a lot more interesting simgirls 7.0 look at. Two updated scenes for Tomoko - Birthday night love hotel route and Career choice modeling route. These two scenes were quite underwhelming to me, given the requirements, so I gave them a lot more spices.

Tomoko's ending evil route featuring Tomoko, Karin, Kotomi and Sana. More new graphics and des. Scoreboards at the end of the game. A new cosplay event! Revised Kotomi's ending. New sexy Kotomi scene.

Simgirls 7.0

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