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Each game download has a different set of system requirements. Please refer to the game's to find the requirements for the specific game you are trying to use. Most games have similar installation processes. You may select "download free trial" button from the game's main to download the game's installer onto your hard drive. Or, if you purchased the game, you may use the download URL provided in the registration sent to you or through the confirmation you see after you purchase a game.

We recommend downloading the installer to your Desktop, documents folder, or other easy-to-find location. If you experience difficulty downloading, please use the same link or URL to try your download again free of charge. for tips and suggestions on successful downloading.

To install your game, wait until the entire installer file has finished saving to your hard drive. Close all other applications, but remain connected to the Internet. Read each screen that appears and follow the instructions as they are given. You must purchase the game in order to register and unlock the full version of the game. Once you have purchased a game, you will receive an message with instructions on how to register your game.

Please note that registration codes for one game will not work for any other games. Double-check that you are entering your registration code into the correct game. If you only wish to use the free trial version shockwave games mac the game, find and click the button that says "Free Play", "Free Trial", or "Continue" or other button deating that you don't wish to register. You are not obligated to purchase the full version of the game if you don't wish to. However, the free trial version will expire after a certain of plays or a pre-determined time frame.

While you will need to be connected to the Internet each time you open and log into these games, once logged in you do not need to remain connected to the Internet to play. You can attempt your download again, free of charge. Or, if you purchased the game, you may use the download URL provided in the registration sent to you.

These are file-corruption error messages, which simply mean that your installer file was downloaded improperly. Using a download-accelerator, disruption of the download process, or conversion by a certain browser usually causes them. Please delete the corrupted installer file immediately. Then, re-download the installer file, following the tips for successful downloading. For these error messages, the most common solutions are:. Make sure that you are checking the same address that you submitted during the checkout process.

If you did not receive anplease check any filters and junk mail folders for the. If you are still not receiving s from us, send us a message using the form. Under "Contact Shockwave regarding", be sure to select 'Questions about a game I bought' from the menu. We will respond promptly to your message. Please double check that you are entering the registration name if applicable and code exactly as it is delivered in your registration. Your name and code must be spelled, spaced, and capitalized exactly as they appear in the — no matter how you regularly spell, space, or capitalize your name.

Punctuation and hidden spaces are not permitted. Also note that many games have similar titles. Registration codes for one game will not work for other games. Please make sure that you are entering your registration code into the correct game. Shockwave registration codes will only work on Shockwave games.

If you have installed a different version of the same game from a different Websiteplease delete it, then download and install the Shockwave version. Please copy and paste shockwave games mac the name and the code if you are having trouble. If you need further assistance registering your game, please send us a message using the form. Right-click on the game's icon and choose "Properties. Also, check the box marked "run as administrator. Please note that the change to the applications properties must be done while logged in as an administrative user.

The "Failed to contact Shockwave. Please review the following list of helpful troubleshooting tips:. While any of these operating systems may be successfully able to use our sites, we do not offer technical support for them. We are aware of the issues regarding the use of our content on Macintosh's operating system, OS X. Note: The Director 8. Our content should work on Windows XP just fine.

Otherwise, shockwave games mac may have problems when you come to a piece of Shockwave content. You can visit Shockwave with the America Online browser v4. This conversion reduces the traffic on AOL servers, but it can negatively affect applications, which use those files transmitted through the AOL network.

Another factor may be AOL's server-level caching of files. This can sometimes prevent the correct transmission of necessary files — including pictures, music, or hidden Xtras and plug-ins. If this problem persists, please try Internet Explorer or Netscape instead.

For bestwe recommend Internet Explorer 8, Firefox 7 or Chrome 13 or higher. Internet Explorer 8 or higher should have the most current suitable Shockwave Player and Flash Player plug-ins installed. We do not support the use of CompuServe, Opera, iCab, or other browsers. While any of these browsers may be able to load the site successfully, we do not offer technical support for them. Shockwave no longer supports Internet Explorer 6 browsers. You may still be able play games after that, but some new features may not work.

Please upgrade your browser for the optimal game experience:. Check your display settings. We require a display resolution of at least x pixels x is recommended and 16 bit depth. You can change your display settings by right-clicking on the desktop and choosing Properties from the pop-up menu.

Click the Settings tab in the Display Properties dialog box. If the setting indicated under Screen area is less than x pixels, move the sliders toward More until the resolution meets our minimum requirements. Colors should be set to High Color 16 bit. To implement these settings, click OK. Check your version of the DirectX display plugin.

You will need at least version 7 to view most of our site, sometimes version 8 or higher. Make sure you're using Windows' default cursors mouse pointer iconsinstead of custom cursors. While most Shockwave titles will work with less memory, more RAM will be required by more complex titles. Check your monitor settings:. The Microsoft Java Virtual Machine is a software driver that allows a user's Web browser to run games created in an older version of Java. Some of our games, such as Polar Bowler, require this version of Java in order to run.

These games will not run shockwave games mac the Microsoft Java Virtual Machine. Please download and install the free Microsoft Java Virtual Machine. On your Macintosh HD, find the folder with the name of the product you want to uninstall. That folder will contain the game program itself, a document and sometimes other data files or folders with names like 'Prefs' or 'Xtras'.

Shockwave games mac

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