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Return to Free sexy games. Redemption for Jessika En, Sp, Fr, It, Ge Complete and totally free games the author can request a non-obligatory financial contribution in thanks or to help him to create new game.

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Post a reply. Redemption for Jessika will always always be my favorite. I laughed with this game, I cried with this game, I started to actually feel myself fall in love with Jess, lol I felt my heart pound in the back of my thorat during the bomb scene. I wanted to go back and save Chloe after the abrupt end to Fade to Black. This game has really dug into my heart. But this game and indeed Jesskika really does steal your heart. Saving Chloe has its moments too! Especially when you actually get to save Chloe and see her transform.

But its not as over alll powerful as Redemption for Jessika. It's Saturday Night. If I were in the Elsa-verse and could spend time with any of the girls. Redemption for jessika guide now Lady of her own manor Miranda and her living room bathtub Elsa in Limitless Dreamland Xara in a intense passionate work out at the Gym or down in dark dive with a drunken Jesskia trying to convince her to believe in and trust herself again.

It's no question. It would be a spectacular night with Jessika's couch and meeting her in the morning. IF your new the the whole Elsa-verse and all four games. And reading here as a guest. It may be out of order but if you want to get a feel for the Elsa-verse.

Play RfJ first. You will NOT be disappointed! We all have different tastes though, and our preferences are probably reflected by our personalities too, and I think Elsa suits mine perfectly.

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Regardless though, I really think the experience of the series as a redemption for jessika guide would be richer by playing them in order. There's a reason that particular order is recommended at the beginning of Saving Chloe. Normally, I would go through and get all the achievements myself, like I did in the other games, but I just can't do it. I've found a walkthrough and I know what I need to do. I just can't bring myself to be that much of an ass. Its actually a bit shocking what it requires you to do and how far you need to commit to get those achievements, and I just can't bring myself to do that to Jessica.

Crushing someone that is that depressed isn't something I can bring myself to do, and Sylvia and Sarah are so adorable together that interrupting them just to open up the path to those two achievements is almost unfathomable for me. I mean, I could probably muscle through it if I didn't read the dialogue and made the picture small enough I could ignore the images so I don't really have to witness me being that terrible, but if I'm going to go that route, I may as well try to beg for someone else to share their completed game file.

I'm just glad its only the two I left undone, so I don't feel too bad about this.

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If you've downloaded the game to your computer. Involves activating the debug mode. Then you can get all the achievements with nothing more then a click of few buttons. Exit out of debug mode and go straight to bonus scene.

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It was recommended on a Walk Through blog. Several of them in fact. But couldn't find the file in my copy of RfJ. Which I got from the official download site. The cheat method is very simple involves opening a file in a text editor and changing 1 and save and close. Then when the game starts up normally. Your given a entire menu at the bottom. Lets you control score and achievements. Set all the achievements and then go through them normally presto the bonus scene is unlocked. BloodyMares wrote: bishop If you simply want to watch the bonus scene, there is an easier way.

I got this feedback when RfJ was released, and it struck a chord. What ShadyGroves is suggesting is the best way to skip the bad path. Download the game. Open up the files directory. Launch notepad and open game. You'll get a bunch of text and buttons below the game. You may need to scroll down in your browser. A group of buttons will be the names of the achievements with "set" and "clr" buttons next to them. Click the "set" button next to the achievement you don't have.

Then, in the game, navigate to a new the debug button clicks don't take effect until you go to the next and you'll have that achievement. When you don't want to see the debug stuff anymore, changes "gameDoDebug" back to 0. I'm sorry for the emotional stress this is causing people. I definitely understand it and won't put a good bonus scene behind a bad path again.

And no need to apologize! Cause that emotional distress is what makes this game so darn good!! Shady tlaero wrote: By the way, it's for these reasons that I made the "bad" path in Saving Chloe not give an achievement. Re: Redemption for Jessika En, Sp, Fr, It, Ge by ShadyGroves ยป Sun, 18Jan21 As opposed to popular belief some guys are born in such a way that can't harm a woman even if she's a virtual woman or see a woman in distress even if its a virtual woman.

We usually are though like Paul in the last part of 'Saving Chloe' Going to town on the faces of real life Morland's instead. It's a primal instinctual male code of conduct thing hard to explain to women. It's related to why domestic redemption for jessika guide, rapists and those that harm women do not last long in prison.

They're rabid dogs, aberrations. I think the reason behind a negative response to it was extreme nature of redemption for jessika guide bad path and the fact that the Bonus Scene has nothing to do with it. As the commenter above said, some of the choices are hard to go through and upon completion the player feels the ultimate sadness. However, nobody complained about doing the same in DwE, right? IMO it's because the "bad" path isn't really bad, just pervy. The Bonus Scene had everything to do with the way Jason behaved at Delfino's on this "horny" path and without it the context would be lost.

My point is, I think it's okay to make a "bad" path mandatory if it's done DwE style pervy bad and doesn't make you feel like a terrible person for playing it not overly dark. If you want, you could even set up a poll about it to get a more accurate opinion on the subject. I always think that in life it's not only the good guys win. DeW: you just a horny guy instead a romantic one RfJ: you a jerk that don't respect woman and threat them like trash FM: you go back to your ex SC: there are several bad paths here and I like the, because Paul is not the bad guy.

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Redemption for jessika guide

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