Reddit video game collecting

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Wireless controllers accompany their respective devices, their buttons ready to navigate the Web, watch Netflix movies—oh yeah, and play video games.

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Not that long ago, video game consoles were clunky boxes. The controllers were bound to the devices by a tangled mess of wires. But before, the games that these consoles brought to life were heavily pixelated, sometimes scrambled. Each day, photographs and discussions surface on the subreddit that detail games, consoles, and accessories largely from yesteryear. If you want to collect it, go for it!

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Fellow mod maverickrenegade agreed, stating that collectibility value can be applied to those devices that, while modern, saw limited release—or market failure. Nostalgia and sentiment play a major role in that mindset.

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Personal collections are of course huge on the subreddit, and maverickrenegade points to NintendoTwizer as a prime example. Those seem to be the crowd favorite. Collecting video game-related relics does a lot more than satisfy a nostalgia itch. For at least two of the moderators, the practice is much more personal. Divorce, foster homes, the death of a parent at a young age, social outcast, depression because of aforementioned items, etc. That was the start of something beautiful. It took many birthdays and Christmases, but she managed to find all six for me.

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And that is a feat even more amazing than, for example, coming across rare Chrono Trigger test cartridges. His work has also appeared in Forbes and News. Featured Video Hide. Advertisement Hide. Share this article.

Reddit video game collecting

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A trip back in time with Reddit’s vintage gaming fanatics