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OK, not really by night. Users ask and answer sex questions, offer advice to get over self-doubt, debate strategies for wooing women, and then share hookup stories. KH: I started posting to Reddit in summer I had a really good first impression about how people are in that community. There are trends in waves. That was big back then and it still is. DD: What are your qualifications to be giving out dating and pick-up advice? I was 28 years old. I had dated plenty reddit seduction people. I lived in New York City for a long time and in Japan.

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While I was doing that, I was basically liveblogging it on Reddit. At the time, I listened to audio books a lot, I was reading a reddit seduction, and I was processing it all and going out. Then I was being validated by what people were saying, and my content was being upvoted. It was a lot of life experience up to that point and then all the time and research I was putting in. Photo via singledudetravel. DD: The reigning consensus seems to be that Reddit men are clueless. Have you found that to be true?

The vast majority of them are just looking for the basic stuff: getting more confident with women, how to meet women or where to meet women. They might not have a lot of sexual experience or they might want to know how to go from a date to actually hooking up. I stuck around because I really enjoy teaching and mentoring people where, you know, I see a bit of myself in them.

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On the flip side, there are people who try to make this a lifestyle. Some people kind of lose track of really building a solid connection with a person and there are people who take it too far in the wrong direction. Like, go up to a woman and ask her the time, or start those baby steps and increase. My advice posts are to get people to a base level where they no longer have no experience talking to women and then they can move on to the rest of the process.

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DD: Where do the misunderstandings between the genders come from? KH: Sure. The whole Hollywood stereotype. It sounds counterintuitive, but the men who have the least neediness toward women and who have an abundance of women are the most attractive. I posted my insights to Seddit, and I was going above and beyond, and my insights were pretty good.

KH: I always preach in the book and in my posts about being a value giver, and providing value without expectation. Doing things to make the lives of others better without expecting anything in return. It comes from being indirect with your intentions.

Is he gay? If you make the desire known earlier on, you can avoid the friendzone all together. Neil Strauss, author of The Game. Photo via Wikimedia Commons. As Seddit reddit seduction, the content became so much and the good stuff was getting obscured. KH: I like the idea of self-publishing.

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When it came to traditional publishing, I just have no interest in doing the dog and pony show and going to all the publishers and convincing them to buy my book. KH: Even right when I announced the Kickstarter, I was approached by mainstream traditional publishers, and I told them to wait and see how the Kickstarter does. Illustration by Jason Reed. Ken Hoinsky is an executive recruiter by day and a Internet pick-up artist guru by night.

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