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Warning: The following story contains sexually explicit material that is not suitable for work. While Craigslist and other adult personals sites may still rule the world of anonymous, no-strings-attached sexual encounters, two communities are trying to bring that connection to Reddit. The concept behind the subreddits is simple. Redditors post their location, age, and sexual preference. Then they wait for a fellow subscriber to accept their offer.

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Naturally, discretion is high-priority in an online oral-sex trade. I chose someone that was very local, and today I went to his house to meet up. I was nervous yet excited. When we began talking I relaxed a bit, we headed up to his room and I sat on the bed.

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He said we had about an hour before anyone got home. Then he leaned in, we started making out. He was a great kisser!

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Lip sucking, tongue sucking, all that good stuff. He reached into my shorts, started playing with my…. So the big night came and I had to have a few drinks to steady my nerves. I put on my skimpiest bra, along with a little black zip top. My heart was beating wildly as I opened the car door and slid inside. The grin on his face relaxed me straight away, and with barely a word I was unzipping my top and displaying my generous G cups to a perfect stranger!

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He had never seen anything quite like mine in real life, so started by just cupping and gently stroking them. Then he…. But out of every inquiry on either forum, only one competely blew me away.

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You might say I was Taken with it. Skills I have acquired over a very long career. His work has also appeared in Forbes and News. Featured Video Hide. Advertisement Hide. Share this article.

Reddit random bj

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Inside Reddit’s no-strings-attached oral-sex trade