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Patreon is a site that allows creators to get paid by way of a monthly subscription. This is a great business model for the creators but for the Patrons subscribing to all of their favorite creators can get costly. This sub is a place to share all content related to girls from Patreon and helps narrows down which creator you want to support and if they are worthy of your support. This does not mean that content posted here must come from a Patreon. Simply that content on this sub should be of reddit patreon girls who also use Patreon. This sub also shows you Patreon content which may go under the radar, so in the long run it can actually help out the creators with publicity.

Comments that do not follow the rules below will be removed at the moderator's discretion. Please use a imaging service: Sites like Imgur, Eroshare or just Direct Reddit are great as they tend to stay online for longer.

Please achnowledge the creator: This is so it makes it easier to search later and people know who the person is so they can maybe support them through Patreon. Any submissions containing nudity or suggestive themes should be marked as NSFW: We don't want peeps getting fired or caught etc. NSFW tags reddit patreon girls also allowed at the poster's discretion as well when needed. Follow basic Rediquette: Be polite and respectful when posting or commenting.

This is peoples livelihoods we are talking about. Spamming will not be tolerated: Spamming will get you banned, if you post was removed don't post it again ask a moderator for assistance. Jessica Nigri Tara Babcock. Its Raining Neon Luna Lanie. Meg Turney. Jessica Nigri. Tara Babcock. Danielle Beaulieu. Darshelle Stevens. Kay Victoria. Ranked by earnings and updated Jan Momokun Cosplay.

Alexandria The Red. Erica Fett. Danielle Beaulieu Cosplay. Kay Bear. Sheena Duquette. Stephanie Michelle. Foxy Cosplay. Ivy Doomkitty. Jenifer Ann. Danielle Vedovelli. Kristen Hughey. Ryuu Lavitz. Envy Us. Jannet incosplay. Bitsy Cosplay. Hana Bunny. Chibineko Cosplay. Kristen Lanae. DeAnna Davis. Nana Kuronoma. Mango Sirene. Jennifer Van Damsel. Rinnie Riot.

Holly Wolf. Magui Sunshinee. Penny Underbust. Heather Leet. Ireland Reid. Giada Robin. Kitty Honey. Helly von Valentine. Raychul Moore. Hendo Art. Luna Le Fey. Gibi ASMR. Kelly Kelley. Milynn Sarley. Steff Von Schweetz. You can contact the moderators here if you have any questions about the sub, if you want help with posting or removal of some content. Mildly Trending. Posted by 4 years ago. Sort by: best. View discussions in 2 other communities. More posts from the TrendingReddits community.

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Reddit patreon girls

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