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Tight pussies. You need something firm and robust to grip that cock nicely while you fuck! Are we talking about pictures? Are we reddit lipsthatgrip about videos? Well, for the most part, it seems that videos are the thing that gets posted here the most. Yes, I know I just said how amazing a still frame could be, but wait till you see these videos.

They want to see lips, pussy lips more precisely, and they want to see them working hard. Only tight and firm pussies I want you to think about the last time you had sex. For me, that was five minutes ago. What can I say? Which ones were the best? They were probably young, right? What else? Well, they were small… And so, what does all of this imply?

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Yes, exactly! They were young, and they could grip your dick so that you could feel the firmness all-around your shaft. Now, think about the worst of the worst that pussy had to offer you. What was it? It was probably messy, sloppy, all used-up. This community makes sure that all loose pussy lips instantly get downvoted into oblivion.

This is great because it means that fewer whores are trying to get karma here than on other subreddits.

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No time wasted exploring vaginas You probably have to have a lot of time and patience if you are ready to go through a standard porn tube website in search of some tight pussy lips. All the best pussy lips are right here. The last thing we need is to start paying for that content. And all of that is thanks to the massive crowd that this place inspires to post new content every single day.

All the material that gets ed here is ed from community members who are subscribed to the subreddit. Only the best content gets to the Hot section this way, which is precisely what we want! There are over k members on the sub right now, and new ones are ing every single day!

I know many more generic subs that have way fewer people them. I guess people are just really into the material that gets posted here. They are using the default settings and have even gone one step further in making their community look boring by making it have nothing but gray colors. I mean, how the fuck can you fuck up that much? Okay, maybe I have heard that from chicks who are into guys who wear gray sweatpants. But you need something to compliment that color! For you guys, well, luckily, the Reddit logo is still orange, so you get a pass.

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Reddit lipsthatgrip

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