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I'm a girl whose been in a monogamous relationship for 9 years. To stir things up in the bedroom, I just suggested we try anal sex because neither of us has ever tried. It hurt a lot the first time, but the second and third time wasn't so bad - just a bit of discomfort. Of course, he "enjoyed" himself immensely all the times we've done it and afterwards he would help me orgasm, but I'm just wondering if it does get enjoyable for reddit anal sex the woman during or do you have any suggestions to make it so? We did use lubricant. Thanks in advance for any helpful answers and advice provided.

I expect people will probably make lewd comments but I'm seriously looking for some answers! Update: Should have stated my question to "girls who have anal sex I feel like there's a lot of prejudice against girls who enjoy trying new things Please don't say nasty things to me for being inquisitive and giving it a go. I couldn't think of a snarky remark so I decided to give advice instead. Your username is an anagram of "Anal rot, Gram? No, this is bad fucking advice. Seriously, too much lube and irritate the bowels, causing you to squirt liquid poo everywhere.

Do not do this. For futher proof, please read this absolutely horrifying story. There isn't a reason to restrict this question to only girls. I'm just sayin. I've seen this kind of response from my second girlfriend. She would only do it once in a while when she was really horny, but anal reddit anal sex gave her very strong orgasms very quickly. Same here for going very slowly first - important. Thank you - sounds like good advice. He went down on me last time so that I was more relaxed after an orgasm but didn't think to stimulate me during that with fingers.

We started with fingers afterwards to "stretch". I can hear the lotion bottles being squeezed as redditors silently refresh this post. It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the downvote again. You might want to try different angles when you are on your hands and knees, or even lay on your back with your legs over your head. Depending on the way the penis enters the asshole, there are whole different levels of stimulation or pain. Also, anal be are nice and less intrusive way of easing into rougher anal reddit anal sex.

I am female and I enjoy anal sex. It has never hurt me, not even the first time. If it hurts, you're doing it wrong. Actually a dull achey feeling is ok and can even be enjoyable if you like intense sensations, sharp pains though are not good and should be avoided. You don't just stimulate and stretch out the area your asshole with fingers before you try anal sex on the night that you're trying to have anal sex. You need to be stimulating and stretching your ass out with fingers, buttplugs and smallish dildos for weeks before you ever try to stick a cock up in there.

Once you can get 3 fingers in comfortably and with penetrative motions, then you can try the cock. Finger your clit while he plays with your asshole. Try to have orgasms when his fingers or toys are in your ass so that you build up a pavlovian response to anal stimulation.

You WILL fart and take a massive dump after you have anal sex, especially if he comes in your ass. It will be kind of awesome and entirely hilarious. It is just the physiology of the act so is poop, get over it so get over it. I've never gotten poop on anyone's dick before but keep in mind that your anus is made for pooping so don't get humiliated if it does happen. Just wash up with soap and water. The most comfortable positions that I've found for anal is missionary with my legs lifted up so that I can finger my clit. Other comfortable positions include spooning and laying on your belly while he lays on your back.

Don't put anything that has been in your ass in any other orifice, ever. Fuck Tucker Max he is a talentless hack. He just takes urban myth-type stories and writes them as his own. First time it did actually hurt me a lot, past that I can't exactly say whether it feels good. But I for sure know it is a no go if I didn't go to the toilet before.

I usually get about a second of pain on penetration, however much 'preparation' we have done, but it goes away in an instant and is highly enjoyable for all concerned. Without reddit anal sex prep though i. Girls: Do you have anal sex? Did it hurt the first time penetrated, second time, etc? Posted by 11 years ago. Sort by: best. Stretch first fingers You know how you use enough lube? Use 5 times more.

Continue this thread. You know how you use enough lube? There is slightly different equipment involved with boys. Its a medical condition called I'm a girl and I enjoy anal sex. My two cents are: You don't just stimulate and stretch out the area your asshole with fingers before you try anal sex on the night that you're trying to have anal sex. Relax and have fun! More posts from the AskReddit community. Created Jan 25, Top posts february 12th Top posts of february, Top posts Back to Top.

Reddit anal sex

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Ladies of Reddit, what are your experiences with anal sex?