Realms of lust

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Forums Adult Games Games. Discussion Reviews Rmaximus Monster girls and big tits lover Game Developer. Sep 11, 1, Overview: Hello guys, this is my first game developed on twinethe story follows a guy who makes a pact with a lust goddess to change his boring life and as a consequence the world around him. However everything is not as it seems and the main character will be thrust into a dangerous world of magic and sex.

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Apr 19, Most important thing I got to ask, I saw transformation that mean the player goes girl? Or is it just referring to me altering the world around me? Because I hate getting into a good one only to find out its a forced transformation to a girl.

I like transformation games, but I like to stay a male and bone females, even if I turned some guy into one or whatever. That being said add a tag like Male Protagonist if we get to stay male other wise M2F or whatever this forum does. It will help you a lot as people who want both will show up and look at this and question whether or not its worth their time. Edit: Since this still gets me a lot of likes and what not, you can play as a male protag with out forced m2f or any sissyfication to MC. My stance remains all devs should take this route, as transformation games can be fun, but some kind of clear marker if its forced M2F or not is needed, even thought the genre is bit less common now, and I can't recal if they got a sissification tag or realms of lust now.

Last edited: Jun 8, Oct 14, 71 Why is it that these new games set an environment that are be incest like but without the incest. I don't understand how the kind of relationship setup in this game adds anything other than to introduce the forbidden element of sexual relationship between family members without the characters being an actual biological family. Not every game has to be about incest, but these kind of setups are getting more frequent and very irritating. Reactions: CavpaljjjsmdArcane and 5 others. Last edited: Apr 23, Reactions: BlackwolfIveNightlystar and 10 others.

Paprika Active Member. Aug 14, 1, Who's the poster girl? I'd play the game for her, if it just were incest and not transformation. We need a SOB game, but just in English. Reactions: thesicksicko and Jeremiel. Jan 22, realms of lust, 3, Paprika said:. Reactions: Paprika. Tyrranus Active Member. May 4, Zalzany said:. I saw transformation that mean the player goes girl?

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Reactions: yurface and exhora. Reactions: HB38SalazarCavpal and 10 others. Reactions: botc76 and daoudidald. Rmaximus said:. I understand your frustration, trust me, I also hate being forced into becaming female in this games, so you are a dude from begining to end, people around you, not so much. At this moment you cant pick who will be turned but in the future I intend to add that ability.

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Tyrranus said:. Rmaximushave you considered posting to hypnopics?? You must be registered to see the links. Well not to bad a game, and I called it cute little sister is my fave so far, always is saddly in these games Oct 2, 1, Reactions: glow2hiF9ZoneyYing Ko and 3 others.

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Ill make a thread on hypnopics for ya then pointing them here for the game. Reactions: glow2hi. You definitely need a proof reader, there are a shit ton of spelling and grammar mistakes so far. I'll try to make a list later when its not so late and Im not half asleep. Reactions: glow2hilarbitre06 and JayX. Show hidden low quality content. You must log in or register to reply here. Top Bottom.

Realms of lust

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