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Skip. Two other models cancelled at the last minute, and so the modeling agency brought Asia along as a surprise replacement.

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This chance encounter proved to be destiny, as the two had a strong sexual attraction from the very first moment and soon started dating. Their bond persisted despite living far apart, first in different cities and then separate countries when Asia had to return to Venezuela for some months.

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They are a fun couple, with Hakeem spending most of his time making Asia laugh with his jokes. They often seem more like good friends than lovers, but they have a strong domestic partnership and love cooking together and caring for their three dogs. Although they are in a romantically closed relationship, the pair are swingers and enjoy having threesomes and sex with other couples.

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Their favorite sexual position is doggy style, which they especially like to do outdoors and in public places. The duo has been shooting amateur porn for over a year now, and hope to turn their apartment into a home-recording set for their future projects.

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Reallifecam asia

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