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Voluptuous vixen Veronica Rodriguez is one of the hottest Latina pornstars in the adult industry today. After all, Veronica Rodriguez is a sensational hardcore performer, website developer, feature dancer and cam model who is famous for her sensational squirting skills. So where did it all begin? Born in VenezuelaVeronica Rodriguez attended a private Catholic school until she moved to the United States when she was 8 years old. Veronica Rodriguez lived in Chicago for four years before moving to Miami, Florida, whereupon she began to attend public school.

Veronica Rodriguez found that life in America was far more liberating than in Venezuela. I went to a Catholic private school where they separated the girls from the guys. When I was growing up, it was a little tough because my parents got divorced when I was about 8. My mom remarried and it was someone from the U. I lived in Chicago for about 4 years but it was way too cold.

The winters are crazy! I started going to a public school here in the U. I felt so much freedom! It was completely different going from a private school to a public school. I started becoming a little more curious. Growing up in the U. In Venezuela, people are very religious and very conservative. It was very difficult to confront my parents about my job. It took them some time to get over it. After graduating from high school, Veronica Rodriguez began working as a salesperson at a kiosk in her local mall.

Veronica Rodriguez enjoyed working in sales and for the next few years she worked several retail jobs around Miami. However, natural beauty Veronica Rodriguez soon found herself working two jobs in order to pay for her college tuition so she started pursing modelling work as a means of making some extra cash. As fate would have it, brunette tiny spinner Veronica Rodriguez pornstar veronica contacted via Facebook by an adult film talent scout who asked if she would be interested in posing as an extra for a scene.

Veronica Rodriguez initially expected the scene to be for a music video. So imagine her surprise when she discovered it was a sex scene! Despite this initial surprise, Veronica Rodriguez decided to test the waters and shoot the scene. In the weeks that followed, Veronica Rodriguez pornstar veronica from posing as an extra to starring in her very first sex scenes. And the rest is history! Veronica Rodriguez discussed this evolution from modelling to performing in porn during her June Adult DVD Talk interview, highlighting how.

I used to be a sales person who worked out of a kiosk in the mall. I was actually a very good sales person. I would not leave the person alone until I made the sale. I did that for a couple of years then I pornstar veronica out of a couple stores. I had two jobs at the same time and I was exhausted. I got a message on Facebook where I could be an extra for a scene.

I thought it was wild and crazy but I was weirded out. They paid alright as an extra so I came back every week. After that, I decided to be the main attraction. I liked the attention that was paid to me so I pornstar veronica to stick with it! But at the same time, I was excited and curious. I actually had fun for my first scene even though I was nervous.

My second scene went much better. In the months that, followed Veronica Rodriguez filmed a series of hot hardcore sex scenes for Bang Bros. Over the years, Veronica Rodriguez appeared in many popular Girlsway porn productions. In fact, when Veronica Rodriguez was asked about her first lesbian experience during her Nubiles Films interview, she revealed that. It was when I was 12 and still living in Venezuela. I was really curious. It happened after class. We went back to our room and then we just laid in bed and explored each other.

Moreover, Veronica Rodriguez is one of a select pornstar veronica performers to unveil their own ature line of intimately molded Fleshlight sex toys. The list goes on! Directed by William H. Consequently, Veronica Rodriguez collaborated with William H. Veronica Rodriguez was thrilled to shoot her first ever star showcase and she eagerly enthused in a June AVN press release how. Furthermore, director William H. She truly is a Latina squirt goddess…She has the whole package. She is so beautiful and sexy and ranks among the best squirters I have seen in my 17 years in the industry.

But hold on, it gets even better. When she was asked about the origins of her squirting skills during her June Adult DVD Talk interview, Veronica Rodriguez raunchily pornstar veronica how. In porn, they told me to do it. So I started doing it on camera and people like it. My fans love it so I just let it go! I can do it 3 or 4 times where I can get the whole production people wet. Starring in so many popular porn productions earned petite Latina pornstar Veronica Rodriguez many coveted industry accolades and notably nominations including.

In addition to starring in these critically acclaimed porn productions, Veronica Rodriguez also manages her own production company, VR Productions, alongside her official solo website, VeronicaRodriguez. I shoot my own scenes for my own website, www. They work for me and I have a photographer too. Veronica Rodriguez loves collaborating on a wide range of exclusive video content, photo sets and lusty live cam shows for her solo site. Veronica Rodriguez was thrilled to receive this prestigious nomination and she enthusiastically stated in her April Xcitement interview how.

I Squirt so much…. We cried of happiness when we saw that my website VeronicaRodriguez. Veronica Rodriguez loves hosting these sizzling feature dancing shows and she explained in a March AVN press release how. Sexiest tiny spinner Veronica Rodriguez continues to receive high praise for her feature dancing shows from fans and industry professionals alike. Her appearance is never less than stunning, and her pole work is among the best.

Sapphire has welcomed Veronica many times and will continue to do so, as her fans always come out for her and she never disappoints. Then use the links provided below to stay connected with your favorite Venezuelan pornstar Veronica Rodriguez! Twitter : LilveronicaR. Brazzers : Veronica at Brazzers. Camsoda : veronicarodriguez. Evil Angel : Veronica at Evil Angel.

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