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About Privacy Policy. Visit Blog. Explore Tumblr blogs with no restrictions, modern de and the best experience. Mother Of Monsters. She sits on her throne of bone and stone Hair like dried blood cascading past scars of battles won Some would say she was burned Not once, but three times Heart eaten by a man who would birth evil Some would she birthed Evil Is a mother less of a mother when her children are monsters?

When u can't find someoen who's both so u find 2 diffrent people who fit diffrent sides of the spectrum. From the distance the villagers of Mugenri saw Fireworks upon the sky, bright, colorful, and beautiful from above all thanks to the space kaiju Reiuji Utsuho. But then the loud music had suddenly appeared, from the distance the two elderly couple Koishi and Yukari stand in front of the crowd of their entire family as they're about to give them their all. They're about the sing their song that represent the life of a demon, and their resurgence of the dragon. Their cries will be heard.

So will their triumph. It's time to bring on their judgement. As the crowd cheered on for both of the old woman, the satori began to dwell within her imagination, this time both Koishi and Yukari within her imagimation are both males, being samurai except Koishi's armor is that of the black dragon god, symbolizing how much despair and pain she mother of monsters tumblr and turn it into a weapon.

How their bond was stronger each passing day of their survival. Now it's time for both warriors, come together once more! As their cries echoed through out the land the two undergo into the past where they all have to endure the horror again, Koishi and Yukari had been through hell and fought back against it. They fought against lunatics, demons, the undead, survive the anomalies and many more.

After all that they dwell within the good memories. All the memories right before the catastrophe, when their old home wasn't an apocalyptic landscape. Where the residents of gensokyo remain the same, remained all happy and normal. No lunatics, no lunarians, no kaiju, no more death and destruction.

Mother of monsters tumblr two samurai's opened their eyes back into reality as they once more let out their roar upon the audience, this shall be a night to remember, the death of a demon, the birth of a dragon. Upon the finale, streams of fire emerge from the stage as fire works explode from the night sky.

The audience roared back, and cheered for the two warriors for their performance. Both koishi and Yukari raised their fist in the air as the music finished, the audience being her entire family cheered louder once more as her imagimation cuts to blank returning back into reality. Today is the best night of her life, the legend of Koishi Komeiji lives on.

It's bad enough that I really don't like Lilith as a character, but not only was she the one fitting for imagine-darksiders prompt Just drawing all that detail made me have a newfound hatred for her. Good news is I like how it came out. Bad news I can't feel my hands. Happy Loki Tuesday! Loki will be canonically genderfluid, as in the original norse mythos. I tried to refine the de and exclude elements that I would get frustrated with drawing over and over in the comic. Are you okay? Do you think that Dean will forgive me?

I know you went to Eve. He was leaning in the door frame holding towels against the fresh stitches. Sam looked up at Dean with sad eyes. We need to move on and figure out how to kill Eve. They discussed the pros and cons at length. The last thing I need is to be in some other place. Ellie went and hid in the extra room until Castiel sent the brothers into the past.

She growled at it low in her throat. She knew what she needed to do. OFC monsters alphas insanity monster! If they are monsters, so am I.

Mother of monsters tumblr

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