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Welcome to fuckYEAHmonsterhighfanart! This blog has been made in conjunction FuckNOmonsterhighfanart. If not already obvious, this blog will showcase the good monster high fanart and characters; providing a handy look into "what to do" when creating an original character or art piece. Occasionally I may re-blog a terrible monster posted on FuckNOmonsterhighfanartand give my take on it; I think this, along with the two blogs will help people understand what to do and what not to do when creating a monster oc.

Please make sure you read my disclaimer for farther information. Send me the goods!

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Message me This also has monster fuck tumblr place here. Love the way they actually tried to make it look like what its suppose to be! I have seen so many of these that look nothing like the Chupacabra. You said you were looking for some Drama? And this is one of those cases. Honestly, if it were me and I think great deal of other people, her ass would of been reported so hard for this. Not only is it an obvious trace, but the de of the entire outfit is almost exactly the same; as is the monster de and her hair do.

Making a few minor edits here and there does not excuse this kind of garbage. Its fine to draw inspiration from other peoples characters yes, but to blatantly copy them? This is not a reference, this is a trace and a complete de rip; there is nothing she or her buddies can say about it will make this fact any less obvious.

Very simple and can be done with any digital image editing soft wear. Its also very effective for stuff like this; trying to hide that you basically traced another image. She only made a very small change to the size to try and hide the obviousness of the trace. All the time people spend tracing and using bases and trying to cover it up, they could of spent drawing their own character. The more you practice the better you get. I am the owner. Anyway, shes looking pretty good. Her lower half is a little bit twisted and her arms are a little sort but other then that shes looking good.

Good job. I mean, even Toralei is a Werecat. At least try and make it a monster. The reason shes not SUPER skinny is because she was made, and poorly copy pasted onto a template with a doll maker from doll divine. Aside monster fuck tumblr that shes terribly unoriginal and dare I say- stupid?

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Aibi-Cake - Artist. I love the way the artist actually made her look tree like and her style is very cool too. Please crit! Anatomy means the body structure of your drawing and how it works; monster fuck tumblr else including posing and proportion center around this. Its the most important part of your drawing. Posing is the way you pose your character, a big example for this is most of its body is facing the front then we come to its legs which are for some reason, inhumanly bent to the left. You need to try and fit your posing in with your characters anatomy.

Proportion is the size of one thing in scale with another; the human body is pretty even when it comes to this and a huge example in your drawing would be her head. If you take a look at a real human head, its not as big or bigger then the body. The best way to do this is to look at anatomy books. You can even find good anatomy references on dA if you search for them. They will help you out a lot.

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Even the best artists still have to open up their anatomy books once and a while to check up on things. Well done. Saprowan - Artist.

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I mean… Really? This character really only has one purpose and thats to be constantly depressed for no reason. Its nothing but angst, angst, angst; which makes the character a huge yawn and somewhat irritating. I can see where the artist was trying to go however, but she needs to be a little more leveled out to avoid being boring and un-interesting.

Because their pet died. They even compared that to another users mother dying. No, just no. Final thoughts: I can see were the creator was going but she needs to be a little more level and less stereotype emo. Fuck YEAH monster high fanart. So here we go!

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Torrinxtorture ——- She definitely looks very interesting! Posted 9 years ago — 2 notes. Posted 9 years ago — 9 notes.

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Finally found a proper fucking theme. Posted 9 years ago.

Monster fuck tumblr

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