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Our patreon: patreon. I hope you like our gallery, we put a lot of work in it! We also completely revamped a lot of the code so it should all work a lot better now, and make future udpates easier. Q: How do I resize the game window? Sorry, but the game is forced to launch at x Thanks for all the feedback guys! We're trying hard to work on making the game less overwhelming and difficult!

Log in with itch. Unsure if this will be read, but level 2 bugged. Sometimes the lamia's heart will spawn at the end right before you talk to Cleo, causing you to be in the trance mid-dialogue. Breaking free then allows you to walk and jump while Cleo gives riddles, and walking right past her lets you skip the riddles and beat the level all together while the dialogue is still on the level completion screen. Sorry, but i want urgently a Max the elf Version, but I understand that you have no plans for create this.

The mac. Rar file doesn't produce any useable application when opening it with unarchiver or keka. Open terminal. Type in "sudo chmod -R " then the. Open the. This works for tons of games when that happens so keep it handy :.

Not really complaining, but wouldn't it be easier to pack the Mac version in zip istead of rar? It's supported natively and there's no need for special instructions. Amazing game. People say it's too hard but it's too easy. I think a difficulty setting would help people who aren't as good at being pro gamer. Beat both levels without getting corrupted once.

But overall good game and people need to get good at game no cap. Game is way to difficult The [A] [D] spam is also unresponsive, like i can mash the button a soon as the appear, but it feels like it's not registering? I know it sounds just like complain complain, but I wish for the game to be better. Level 3 will come in months guys, I'm working hard on it, more info on my patreon, I don't max the elf find the time to reply everywhere, sorry!

Hello, once the game is closer to finished, I do want to take a look at the possibilities to bring it to steam, but max the elf now it's a bit too early for me to confirm it. But I will at least look at the possibility when the time comes. Fun game :D They put a lot of effort into it with the art and everything, Can't wait for level 3!

Are you 18 years of age or older? Remember my setting for this browser. Yes, I am 18 or older or Return to itch. Run game. Download Now. More information. Download Now Name your own price. Click download now to get access to the following files: MtE v2. MtE v2. Mar 17, Feb 06, Feb 02, Comments Log in with itch. Max the elf 12 hours ago. Gatorade man 4 days ago. As a straight female, idk how I got here StinkyTheSkunk 10 days ago Is the lynx in this verison of the game? MitoWako 9 days ago. No, thoodie quit it since the second update ig. Germany 9 days ago.

Bug 13 days ago. You can skip the questions at the end of level 2 by just walking her. Germany 14 days ago. Is this where I should put bug reports and stuff, or is there a dedicated bugs log? DrCrimson 15 days ago. Turtle Man 16 days ago 2 edits. Rar file doesn't produce any useable application when opening it with unarchiver or keka Edit: added picture of software used, Keka is 1.

Dragon 18 days ago You know children aren't supposed to be playing this game, right? What's that got to with what they said? IuriGomes 18 days ago. Do you want to update to play with controller? Amazing game, great mechanics, great enemies and great animation. Difficulty is a healthy balance, not sure why so many people say it's too high.

Very excited for future updates! Congrats on your new sexual awakening! JHONH3 21 days ago. EpicStudio 20 days ago Fall 16 days ago. I wonder when level 3 is out! I got past level 2 to many times and level 3 didn't appear!! JasondaUltima 27 days ago. Is it possible to play the online version on Consoles like Xbox. JasondaUltima 21 days ago. I saw videos and I was curious. I hope you know that, thank you for this master peace! When will level three be out?

LilacChaan 29 days ago. DunnoJustin 36 days ago Hi Devs! Reply to this comment if theres an Android app for this one, Thx. Does the Gallery work? It won't open for me. Fallmob 38 days ago. Make it more difficult. Beating the levels is too easy. Fallmob 35 days ago. I was jusy stating that the next levels should be WAY harder. Wank so good my stomach hurt. Ok I just played the Web Demo and I definitely have some feedback, like a bunch of it really.

So far I think it's a good start: The art is cute, the sex is hot and well animated, the gameplay is rough but not so terrible it can't be improved upon. Visually, I think Max moves too slow and what is supposed to be a "chase" is more like a leisurely stroll, I understand that if he actually moves too fast then the levels will be much shorter and easier, but I'm not convinced Max is really trying to set a good pace, Basically if his animation had a bit more "hustle" to it that'd feel way better.

Gameplay-wise there are a few things that make the game more difficult than I feel it was intended for. First off his punch and his slide: The punch has just a bit too much time before you can punch again meaning if there is an enemy ahead that takes two or three hits, it's increasingly hard to deal with if there are other threats on the screen. The slide is also the only way to deal with certain enemies and sometimes it simply wouldn't activate, like there seemed to be a LONG cooldown between the ability to slide then slide again but there would also be times when I needed to slide but the slide didn't happen despite not having slid in a while Additionally there seems to be no way of defending Max from an attack from behind aside from burning a special attack, the punch only goes forward and so does the slide, not to mention you don't have much time to react anyways.

Breaking out of grapples also feels very clunky and slow, after hitting a button the player has max the elf wait for the animation before the next one shows up and can be pressed. On the surface this may not seem like an issue but the amount of waiting means no matter how quickly you can accurately press the buttons to "mash out" of it, you are forced to take on a certain level of corruption.

Again, I understand that it's supposed to be a challenge and an obstacle but it feels sluggish slow and unresponsive and even unfair. Now the Sphynx's riddles were I had to brute force my way past that, thankfully you made it checkpoint right before so the player didn't have to replay all of level 2, so good job. I'm gonna discuss each question in order: 1. Never max the elf a cactuar cause I was busy dodging all the horny enemies, I guessed it right first try tho and it might've been my fault so I can't really say anything about it. Ok I'm forgetting which question was which now but I think the second was about how many elves were on the starting image, I remembered 3 so I was wrong for a while.

I went back and saw another elf inside through a window and it took me a while to find the fifth Kinda unfair but whatever, moving on. This gave me trouble as I didn't remember seeing any animal at the start, like ever. I went back to the beginning and there was a bird on the first screen but it was nowhere near Max and it wasn't the answer. Turns out the "Pony" was a stuffed pony in the tent at the start of the first level Ok this one was absolute bullshit pardon my language here but it's trueThe question itself was difficult to understand but I think it was asking what color the "Bee" enemies were from the first level.

Instead of options like "Orange" or "Blue" you seemed to put in these really obscure color names to choose from. It was like it was in another language, how is a player supposed to know that? It's not even a case of "I don't know so I felt stupid", it felt more like you expected players to have a catalogue of paint samples with fancy color names they could consult.

That information was in no way available to the player! The final actual question also confused me as I had never seen Max have writing on his shirt I can't go back up to replay and check to see if his shirt magically changes in sex scenes, but if it does then you seriously underestimate change-blindness which is a real psychological phenomenon Anyways, I guessed it right first try, but wow did this one also feel like unfair bullshit again Anyways, If you read this I want you to know I enjoyed the game despite all the problems I found.

I think with a bit of fine-tuneing here and there and obviously more content filled in, but you already know that I imagine you've got a fun and sexy little game here. I'm not even usually into femboys but most of the enemies are Futa so I still quite enjoyed it in that reguard.

Max the elf

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