Mandingo dick size

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In the post: How big are the biggest cocks in porn? Porn Star Penis Measurementsw e talked about how the industry exaggerates porn stars penis measurements. It is just that it looks very long.

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No homo here, but think for a second about how many hands would you need to cover the entire shaft…3, maybe 4? However lets take a look at the following image, where Mandingo places a hand on his shaft…and lets compare it against a pic of my dick proof its mine :.

We can clearly see that if Mandingo adds a second hand to the existing one that is in the base, he would cover his complete penis shaft, just leaving the glans uncovered. And NO, I am not bone pressing my hands. If I place my two hands on my shaft, there is more uncovered shaft exposed. By the way, Manding does something that almost all actors do : He rarely grabs his dick.

Just the girls which are short with smalls hands in comparison to those of a man shooting a scene with him do. It is extremely rare to catch a scene of Mandingo grabbing his dick with both of his hands, this way there will be a lot of fools thinking 4 hands are needed to grab his full dick porn viewers are easily tricked with the use of cameras, lens and framing angles.

That is why when they see a big dick, they exclaim : Its 25, 30 or 35 cms long. As if those sizes are normal for a human being. My Penis has gone from In Porn, penises are never measured at least in the correct way. So the best way to estimate the size is to compare it with the size of the hands or with other parts of the body of men actresses in porn are short, with small hands, head and mouth. The average size of the forearm of an adult man, from the elbow to his wrist is approximately 25cm lengthwise. With the exception of the vids of FreaksofCock where the actors use fake penis sleeves and extensions.

What happens with Mandingo and with most of porn actors is that the majority of these girls o nly put the glans and a little bit more in their mouth when they are sucking dick. When a man is erect and standing up, the distance from the navel to the pube is approximately 18 to 20 cms. As you can see in the following image, the mandingo dick size of his penis just barely surpasses his navel around 1 cm. Mandingo always does this this way, if the day of tomorrow he is no longer able to work in the Porn Industry, he can start selling useless penis enhancement pills with his name on them.

That means that most men have a average penis size that is between But most men want to remain in ignorance when it comes to facts. It is not a coincidence that most of the studies about the average penis size always end up in the same range : cms…b mandingo dick size that is what a real and normal penis looks like. The following image explains why many believe Mandingo is cm. In this pic we can see the penis of several porn actors which are average size : cmwhich is the length that the majority of men have. Are there men with a dick of 25 cms or more? In certain parts it may look longer and in others, smaller.

This is the before — after.

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Notice how the same pattern of veins has been replicated along the penis shaft. His dick looks huge, as long as it is recored from above, in a POV angle and with a lens that distorts its size. The dick is closer to the lens than to the body of the girl, which is much lower at the back and away from the camera. Therefore, the cock in the foreground seems much larger when compared to the body of the girl which is much further away.

That is the reason why when the cock is sideways or the girl grabs it with her hand, it does not seem so big. If we use logic and common sense we can easily find out the truth. Here is a vid of my 18 cms penis.

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If you want to have a closer look at my before-after girth and length, you can do so hereand here. And yes, its real and I know, because I have the same size as him and also sometimes the same issues of stayin hard, so sometimes its ,sometimes and sometimes 25, rly depends on the day. My 5 cents….

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Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. He is probably closer to 23cm, but not too far from it either way. I have a legitimate 19cm and he is a little larger than me… not by much. Share : Facebook 0. Twitter 0. Leave a reply: Cancel Reply.

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Joe Mama - May 14, He is probably closer to 23cm, but not too far from it either way. Leave a Reply: Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Leave this field empty.

Mandingo dick size

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The Truth About Mandingo´s Dick (Aka Fred Foolish)