Love burger walkthrough

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Love Burger by Carmel Games is a short point-and-click puzzle game that will ring true for anyone who's ever had to work customer service. When a demanding customer comes into a fast food t and won't take no for an answer, even when they're clearly wrong, one employee has to come up with a way to serve them Just click around to interact, and remember you can try to combine items in your inventory if necessary. Even for a Carmel Games title, which are usually pleasantly break-sized, Love Burger is short and can literally be solved in less than five minutes, but while we're certainly not advocating any creative comeuppance the next time you're faced with a fire-breathing customer who can't admit they're wrong, it's still nice to see one get love burger walkthrough just desserts in this quirky and very silly little game.

Play Love Burger. Right under the Love Burger logo there is a mostly red box. Take that. I personally love coconut flakes.

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You get to take a glove. Opening the fridge you see a key in an ice block; but how do you get to this key?

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There is a cabinet with a lock there. Present it to the customer and: jerk guy loves girl, jerk girl loves guy, and you get.

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Love burger walkthrough

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I Love Burger!: Walkthrough Guide