Locked away f95

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Latest Updates. Live Sex Cams. Live Cam Girls. Log in. New posts. Forums Adult Games Games. Discussion Reviews Prev 1 … Go to. Go to. First Prev 21 of 32 Go to. Mar 10, 1, May 4, 38 JoleenStar said:. Not many games have me curious of the story. Came for the porn, stayed for the plot. Canto Forte Devoted Member.

Jul 10, 11, 11, There is nothing in there but boisterous halucinations of a for ever traveler MC getting room and board out of inexplicable circumstances. That dream sequence amounts to the demons in MCs head trying to wrap his mind around the situation he finds himself in. All the truth and reality is about the dinamic of MC and his house guest.

Bitter Strawman Member Game Developer. Feb 7, Canto Forte said:. Reactions: D-Vinesupermanz95 and Canto Forte. Kitchentable Member. Aug 13, The nameless hero who is suffering from memory loss is a classic in the games industry. My favorite trope is still the mysterious lady that walks into the PIs office. But, hey, Locked away f95 am old. Joking aside. Cool game, mystery setting, gorgeous readhead, different kinks, good looking models, a goregeous redhead, oh and did I mention the cute ginger?

Keep up the good work mate! Reactions: Bitter Strawman. Yuri L Active Member. Apr 28, The more I think about it the more I personally like seeing an overarching story at the center with romances in the supporting role. Honestly, I expected something a bit shallow given the description but the game has a surprisingly darker and more mature tone than expected which is a welcome surprise. Also having somber background music further adds towards making the atmospheric quality of the VN. Great job, Bitter Strawman! So this is the only confusing aspect about the world where the game takes place.

And lol the HalfLife reference Locked away f95 edited: Dec 15, Yuri L said:. Also having somber background music further adds towards making the atmosphere more somber. Reactions: Yuri L. Bitter Strawman said:. I'm glad, that you liked it, but why didn't you put that into reviews? Supernatural - yes, probably, I must have missed that tag. Yes, I intend to write a larger and more detailed review after exploring some of the other branches in chapter 2!

I have the old locked away f95 but only played it recently after seeing the thread get updated. You should update it, proofreading was main complaint last time. It is fixed in ep3p1. Pulse12 Member. Sep 7, Which one is the futa? DonkeyFace Active Member. Dec 24, 2, Just completed episode 1. Loving this so far. The mystery, the dark overtones, the atmospheric music, the dialogue, and the facial expressions are all impressive. I've been starving for more games like this. I might just have to get behind this project.

Now, back to playing it, gotta see where this goes. Towoo New Member. Jul 19, 13 Hones said:. Yes I'd guess it's just a false positive, I haven't had any issues running the game. Here's the You must be registered to see the links. UncleVT Yours is mine and mine too Moderator. Jul 2, 9, 69, Christmas FanArt. And my Vicky Fan Sig: Code:. You must be registered to see the links. Aug 25, The G Man!!! Ok back to the game. Bababoooey Active Member.

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Locked away f95

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Locked Away – New Version (Episode 3 Part 2)