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Advanced search. Would be a shame if this didn't get finished WonderGamer out! I'm liking it. Some opinions of mine: When there is a new dialog, have Chat glow, or somehow be apparent that there is something new from her. I don't know what decides each chat, but I have some interest in not missing them.

Virginity "in tact" and then "lost" without being penetrated? Not my cup of tea. Being that she's a fox morph, not fully human, I won't get too fussy about virginity being taken with no blood ifying it, but I do think it's rather anti-climactic to have her virginity lost with nothing special. As far as it goes as just a base for a game, it's not bad at all.

You have a variety of jobs, a range of stats, a town to explore, and money. Town is empty and money is useless, but you'll doubtlessly add stuff later. I think the "week" system should be day-by-day, though. Having to predict her stress levels and stat growths is notable and can add an element of strategy to how you plan out the month. The week can draw out quite a lot, though, and the schedule must be locked to begin. Either removing the lock, or making it a schedule for day-by-day in a week rather than week-by-week in a month, would make it seem more interesting to me.

Not too long, but some might not realise it without help. Any plans for something outside the work and town? Also, I didn't try this, but can you actually lose your virginity by grinding on the broom during maid work? That's just crazy if so. I have a plethora of ideas, but this is something you're still working on and are no where near finished with, so I'll sit back and watch how you want to make this game and add my input when it seems more appropriate.

I've notably written for Corruption of Champions, as well as other projects to a minor extent. My alias is always IxFa. As in Version by Gorepete? First thought: " Goddamnit, he's found some way to make the game hard, hasn't legend of krystal version g. Maybe I'll try updating flash or something. Also I hate you, your games are so fucking hard. Edit 2: Uh I tried opening it in a new window to play it. Does bunny need to slap a bitch?! Due to my utter inability to produce anything of merit via drawing, animating, or scripting, I have to hang around and bother you guys.

Are we having fun yet? Reply with quote Re: The Legend of Krystal, Version G by roskrad » Wed Aug 28, pm Man you have great animations, this looks great can't wait to see where you take it. Please do not post request thre, and avoid posting artwork that is not your own unless it is being used as a reference. But I know Gor has plans for all of that in the future hopefully. I can not wait to see how this project turns out. Reply with quote Re: The Legend of Krystal, Version G by GoRepeat » Thu Aug 29, legend of krystal version g A couple of notes: If you get game weirdness it could be for a couple of reasons - most notably is because I force a save state which is being really weird with the forum's caching Ren is looking into some stuff, I am going to try some alternate stuff.

In the next update I will probably temporarily remove this just so people can play without the random crash errors, null values or variable explosions. It is also being programmed more on the AdobeAir side of the house so that I can generate an.

This can cause some weirdness as well. If legend of krystal version g keep having trouble, try just running the swf locally instead of in the browser. The virginity loss right now is just tied to the first sex act that occurs; the game isn't really thinking about it so lol, yes, you can lose your virginity by masturbating in the house.

However, this will change. If you noticed, the first 5 sex animations aren't vaginal - this is on purpose. And yeah, this is based off the princess maker series. I just don't want to have the game drag on artificially because it feels like you have so much more time to fill.

As always, your feedback is appreciated! Why are so many people getting crashes and errors with this? Update flash, people! At least that way we can enjoy the fine quality of Gorepetes animations. But in all honestly I like it how it is. I agree with the notice of a new chat dialogue because for some reason I have to find and see and read every fucking thing in every flash ever Other than that? I think it's great so far. I have request for the game I want to see the sex animations in a better way English is not my main language.

Reply with quote Re: The Legend of Krystal, Version G by trunks » Thu Aug 29, am Not too much I can comment on right now since it's still got a lot to add, and I feel like half of what I'd suggest is in the works already. I guess I would like to know what are your priorities in terms of adding stuff to this game. Like do you want to finish all the job animations before you start populating the town? Besides that two things I will say have already been suggested. Some kinda notice when you have new chat dialog, even though it's pretty easy to know it changes with every season, but that might change in the future.

And a way to skip the animations, a 'next' button would be good. Because even when my computer isn't lagging out, it's kinda old to watch krystal fail at her new job for just about 2 weeks straight. Oh something did come to mind, I suggest having different 'failing' animations for nurse and maid. Other than that, I don't think I have anything else at the moment. Reply with quote Re: The Legend of Krystal, Version G by Folseh » Thu Aug 29, am hmmm While princess maker is by week, it does slow the game down for this, doing the same thing all week week though while speed it up for this.

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