Kingdom of hearts 1.5 walkthrough

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After the scene with the White Rabbit head kingdom of hearts 1.5 walkthrough the door down the hall. Push the bed in then drink the contents of the bottle. Red Nocturnes will fly around the air back and forth and then they start to swirl some fire around.

Like most enemies, deflecting their attack in a stun so you can kill them pretty quickly. In a group you can get surrounded and pummeled easily so take them out quickly. After you clear out the Heartless head through the hole you revealed when you pushed the bed in.

Head out to the Lotus Forest to meet the Cheshire Cat. He mentions four pieces of evidence, but you need only one to start the trial. Clear out the Heartless and turn into the alcove past the red flower to find Trinity Jump 5 to receive an EtherPotion and Tent.

Give the flower here a Potion to receive a Hi-Potion. The red flower you passed earlier wants an Ether and will produce a Camping Set for your patronage. The other red flower along the path will do the same. Head to the far side of the Lotus Forest and climb the rock to reach a lily pad with an Antenna. From this pad you can spot a chest high above in the corner. It is possible to make this jump and have Sora grab the ledge, you just need to jump at the absolute end of the pad while running to grab it; the chest holds a Scan-G.

Head back to the alcove and climb the mushrooms up to a hole in the tree. Go through it to arrive back in the Bizarre Room right next to the Stench. The first piece of evidence left is hiding next to a Trinity Jump. The last piece of evidence is the tricky one that the Cheshire Cat alluded to. First head back to the Lotus Forest where the large rock is located. Jump on the mushrooms and go left to reach a platform where you can jump across to the acorn.

Hop down to the chest to find Dalmatians 16,17 and 18 then return to the entrance. Give the yellow flower a Potion and Sora becomes huge. Hit the tree to change its direction then eat the acorn. Climb the tree once more and use the newly raised platform to reach a hole in the corner. From here you land on a faucet in the Bizarre Room. Carefully jump across to the Claw Marks to receive the Blizzard magic. The hole in the tree takes you back to the Bizarre Room left for another piece of evidence.

The final piece of evidence may look too far away right but Sora can make the jump to it. You need to break the cranks around the tower and they only take 1 HP worth of damage every hit. While this is happening the Cards will be attacking you and they can hurt. You can knock the Queen out in a single hit most of the time. The tower can be targeted after the cranks have been broken and also only takes 1 HP worth of damage every hit. Take out a few cards so you have an easier time attacking the cranks on the Tower. Head back into the Bizarre Room and drink the contents of the bottle to return to the Rabbit Hole.

The Bizarre Room is littered with Shadows left. Defeat enough of them and the Gigas Shadows appear right. This Heartless is new to Final Mix and can only be found in one location in the entire game, the Bizarre Room in Wonderland. You want to enter the Bizarre Room when there are just Shadows. Defeat three waves of them and the Gigas Shadows will appear. This is the best method for easily acquiring Fury Stones. These large Heartless will charge you from the front left so get behind them and attack right.

It is best to strike at its back because your attack will deflect off the belly. If the Large Body taps its belly it will charge at you so either Dodge Roll at an angle towards but away from it or hit it with magic to force the Large Body to stop.

Likewise, you can counter by timing your strike with the Keyblade to stun the Large Body when it charges. This leaves the Large Body exposed for combos to its back. Goofy can be useful because his spinning shield attack deals a lot of damage to the Large Body. In the same sense, Donald is useful for countering charges with magic. The most important thing is to leave the Large Body for last when in battle because trying to kill it while you are being shot at raises the difficulty of this foe. Head back to the Lotus Forest and clear out the Heartless then give the yellow flower a Potion again to grow larger.

Hit the tree again to move it back away from you, then eat the acorn. You can also give the red flower a Hi-Potion to receive a Mega-Potion in return. By that kingdom of hearts 1.5 walkthrough, you can turn Potions into Mega-Potions by resetting the flowers and buying Potions, feeding them to the red flower near the entrance, then using the Hi-Potion they give on the red flower you just fed.

Return to the Lotus Forest and head to the back end. Climb up the tree using the mushrooms and enter the Bizarre Room by jumping from the acorn branch across the gap. Touch the second light to spawn a picture that you need to examine. With this area complete, return to the Bizarre Room. Hiting the tree left makes the platforms attached to it move. There are two lamps you should examine right in this part of the Bizarre Room.

Hit the latch next to the Teddy Bear so that it drops into the chair. Now exit the Bizarre Room and climb up the mushrooms near the entrance of the Lotus Forest and reach the corner exit to return to the Bizarre Room. Turn the faucet to animate the pot then jump into it to reach a chest with a Meteor- G inside. Fight your way back to the tabletop and grow big again. Read the book near the Teddy Bear to receive a Mythril Shard. Now move the Teddy Bear to make the clock become real, then move the clock and get small again.

There is a kingdom of hearts 1.5 walkthrough to the Mad Hatter and March Hare picture that details sitting down in the chairs around the table to receive a reward. If you start a battle then the table goes away, so grab the rewards first! The chair at the head of the table and the middle left ones are the battles so skip those until you have grabbed the items. Sit in the others for some nice rewards. Enter the Bizarre Room via the door in the house. Clear out the Heartless in the room then jump up to the candles and light them. Open the nearby chest to find a Thundara-G then drop down.

Save your game then talk to the Cheshire Cat to start the boss fight. Firey doom awaits if you do. While it may seem a bit backwards, the best defense against Trickmaster is to be constantly on offense. You can tell when Trickmaster is attacking because his legs stiffen up. Afterwards, he swoops down to attack so dodge and then counter this. After a few combos, Trickmaster will kingdom of hearts 1.5 walkthrough and you can really let him have it.

Refrain from using Fire, it will just light his batons and double his damage. Likewise, you can use Blizzard to put out the batons. If Trickmaster does go to the fireplace and lights his batons then you need to be ready to Dodge Roll as he will shoot Fire at you and it does a lot of damage. After the battle you receive a Navi-G Piece and are free to leave. Head back to Traverse Town for a quick pitstop.

Go to the cafe and use Blizzard to extinguish the candles then open the chest for a Defense Up. Follow the adventures of a young boy, Sora, who s the fight against the Heartless, unknown creatures of Darkness, who invade his homeland and separate him from his friends. He is given the Keyblade, a legendary weapon giving the wielder power to fight off the Heartless.

Along the way, he is ed by a cast of well-loved characters and some very well-known places. Final Fantasy and Disney collide in a surprisingly powerful and memorable story. Subscribe to Premium to Remove. Kingdom Hearts HD 1. Subsubscribe to Premium to Remove. View Full-size. Our guide charts the entire games of Kingdom Hearts and Chain of Memories and includes: A complete walkthrough covering both games from start to finish All items, stickers and other collectibles found Full coverage of the Coliseum and how to defeat the hardest bosses Mini games and much, much more.

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Kingdom of hearts 1.5 walkthrough

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