Jen selter ass

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Okay she does whatever she wants with her body : but I don't like being lied to. I was a big fan of jen selter but the more I learn about fitness the more I realise that her butt is fake. Not just because of her tiny legs under certain angles jen selter ass look muscular but their size does not match the size of her butt. Also when she squAts : a real butt becomes rounder as you go down because the muscle stretches you know.

Her butt stays round through the entire range of motion. Also when she does bodyweight hip thrust. A real butt looks round as you reach full hip extension top of the movement hers does not!!! Plus she seems to have no knowledge about weight lifting whe you look at her jen selter squAt challenge. Her workout does not make any fucking sense. Just random movements and plyos.

Also she posts 0 progress pic. The whole internet has just seen one where she goes from 0 to bubble butt. When you have a butt like the one she has, you have tons of progress pic to track the progression. Its just that people assume that a fake butt has to be as obvious as the one of Nicki minaj or Kim Kardashian but you can pick the size of the implants :. Following "real s" can be motivating. As long as they don't photoshop their body and claim that the gym made it happen.

Upvote for Katie Crewe! She's one of the few I still follow. Upbeat, informative, realistic, strength based! My favourite, for sure! Yeah I stay well off insta for this very reason. The hard thing about IG read: fitness models specifically, not all fitness people is that even the people who have never had plastic surgery still use photoshop, lighting tricks, unnatural poses etc. Like, many of these people are still absolutely gorgeous and fit in real life - but the image you see online is just enhanced, enhanced, enhanced. You're always being lied to a little bit.

As long as you can recognize that and don't hold yourself to that same standard, then I think there's nothing wrong with still looking at these models for inspiration. But just always keep it in the back of your mind that they're all using "tricks," if not outright lies. I don't mind about the good angles and the good lighting because we also do it with our selfies. When I take a picture of my face I know that one side looks better than the other, I would put make up on add a nice filter etc.

But I would not photoshop my face and make my nose smaller for exemple or color my eyes. But when it comes to fitness I would follow you for inspiration because you train hard etc know your stuff, give good advice. Posing's a big one for me. The so called "unposed" butt was still posed.

If you follow ampollo or jesseytelfordfitness on Instagram, they legit will show you workouts, info, before and after pictures, progress pictures and they will show a 'normal' picture vs an 'Instagram' picture. They are absolutely honest about what they do and they actually know stuff and sell their services because they actually now about fitness.

This dismays me! I wish women's fitness had more of an emphasis on facts instead of f :. Look how her back is arched in the picture Even without qualifications, you can still learn a lot online. Some coaches with a diploma are not good. And some of us know probably more than her about jen selter ass lmao. But when you read her jen selter challenge on her blog you see random stuff and nothing that highly activates the glutes.

She posted her favorite butt exercices on bodybuilding. Since when leg curl targets your glutes??! I just read your link. She's really full of shit. Also if her workout was this great, her mum would have a great bubble butt too since she trains her but it's not the case. That position in the article pic looks like it would genuinely damage her back.

Haven't run across this woman before and am quite glad of it. I just googled some of her images and WTF is going on here?? Or here? Her ass cheeks look like torpedos, and in mid-squat. That shouldn't happen. I found out that Jen selter has a fake butt and I feel stupid now bc I was a big fan.

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Jen selter ass

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Jen Selter: You Love Her Butt—But Should You Listen to Her Fitness Advice?