Hottest pokemon trainers

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Hundreds of candidates may go against each other in fierce battles for the one spot Many are competent enough for the podium but only a select few can be powerful enough to reach the top.

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As such, she acts as the gatekeeper to the realms of the mightiest trainers in the whole region. Be sure to bring some fire and electricity to deal with her Ice-type and Water-type team. She has been raising and battling since she was ; over half a century ago. She also has known professor Oak for a very long time, at one point they were quite close. Agatha's team will poison and confuse enemies until they are rendered inert.

Her tactics are even scarier when one learns that she might possibly be able to communicate with the dead.

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Don't take her casual appearance and relaxed nature as a of weakness, however, as her Dusclops and Sableye can curse one into oblivion. Though, if that doesn't work, she'll use a flurry of heavy-hitting Ghost-type attacks like Shadow Punch and Shadow Ball. The only counter to her team is Dark-type pocket monsters or over-leveled ones of a type hottest pokemon trainers takes neutral damage from her ethereal attacks.

A fiery femme fatale from the Hoenn region's Lavaridge Town is one of the fiercest trainers in the region. Her Torkoal is a resilient opponent who can unleash a devastating Overheat attack if left unchecked. Her Slugma and Magcargo are also tough adversaries who have great defensive bulk and powerful plumes of fire. She has a surprisingly well-rounded lineup for a team that consists mostly of one type. Her Umbreon is a stalwart wall that can take, and dish out, many blows. Her Houndoom is a brutal foe with great damage output. This Team Rocket member is one of the most recognizable characters in the franchise.

She and her partner-in-crime James have been trying to steal Pikachu away from our protagonist Ash for the past twenty-three seasons of the anime, but this isn't about them. In your average episode, she may seem like a pushover, but in reality, she's quite the formidable foe.

Jessie has trained many powerful 'mons, including her recognizable Wobbuffet and her Mimikyu, a recent but important ally. Additionally, she's to be commended for her resilience, considering she has not given up her goal of snatching that electric creature for over twenty years!

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This little child may not look like a big deal, but she's one of the strongest trainers in the Alolan region! If you're gonna fight her, be sure to bring some Full Restores! Some examples are Palossand, Froslass, and Dhelmise, all of which will cause trouble to beginners and pros alike if they don't take enough precautions. Be wary of this little ghostly child!

While this may come as a surprise, this trainer very much deserves her spot on the top. This character is very popular within the Smash Bros community and is considered to be one of the strongest in Super Smash Brothers Ultimate.

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Her Squirtle is amazing at combos, Ivysaur has some of the best game-ending moves, and Charizard is a heavy but still considerably fast fighter with a very versatile set. Dedicated players won't be disappointed to find that she's very rewarding to play once you learn.

She fills the role of the rival for the hottest pokemon trainers character and she's very much feared by the speedrunning community because of her encounter on Route This battle, the second one against her, can be a real run-ender if the RNG isn't on your side. No matter what starter you choose, she has a counter for each one.

This is an infamous battle and you can see many speedrunners ragequit because of how unfair it is. Even as a casual player, if she catches you off-guard, you're going to have it tough! Married to Mustard, former champion of the Galar hottest pokemon trainers, she's just as powerful as he is when you battle them. No wonder they decided to open up a Dojo to train new Gym Challengers!

Honey's team is incredibly strong and balanced, with something to counter almost every type. Don't underestimate this pretty face! Her Milktank is particularly tough, with a move that heals half its hit points and one that can deal massive damage if left unwatched. All in all, only the best end up receiving her Plain Badge! She's the only trainer to sport the title "Hall Matron" and she deserves it. Argenta is one of those trainers you have to go through to actually prove your worth as a battler. Either way, given how hard her fight is, people who've beaten her have all the bragging rights.

She may not look very flamboyant, but the Leader of the Stow-on-Side Stadium is one of the most powerful in the Galarian gym challenge. Despite this, Bea can be seen outperforming them and even taking hits from Machamp like it was nothing! It truly takes extreme dedication to hone her body and mind to that extent! The adventures of this wild child don't end there! In challenge mode, she's almost impossible to beat, and even seasoned players will struggle trying to beat this draconic maiden.

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She doesn't focus on a specific type, giving her a way to retaliate against any competition. All in all, Cynthia deserves the gold medal, declaring her the strongest of trainers. When he's not exploring interesting narratives, he's streaming his favourite games online. Share Share Tweet 0. Related Topics Lists Pokemon.

Hottest pokemon trainers

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Top 10 Hottest Pokémon Gym Leaders