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All rights reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission from the publisher. For information go to www. This book is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead is entirely coincidental. She winced as it went down her throat. It was horrible. And no matter how much she drank, it never got any better. It was just so skimpy. She pulled it down to give her large breasts a bit of air.

The extremely low-cut dress was way too small and the sweat kept making what little material there was stick to her breasts. However, it was a good thing the much-too- short, barely-there outfit was required for the job. If she had been wearing anything more, she would have been absolutely miserable. Amber and Shelley had answered an advertisement that had been pinned to the bulletin board at the laundromat they often frequented. It had promised easy work and high pay. Since both the girls were currently unemployed it had seemed like something that was right up their alley.

It also had said to apply in person, which was excellent for them since they were both attractive young women with big tits and tight bodies. Beer and boobs go together like buffalo wings and ranch dressing, so they knew they were a hardcore erotica.

It was a good thing that the job had come up, too, because they were hardcore erotica broke. They had quit college a couple of weeks earlier to work at the local strip t in the hopes of making lots of money. However, the place was shut down by the vice squad hours before they were to start their first day. That had really sucked. On their way to answer the ad, they were so excited.

Of course they had been hired on the spot. But it was only after they had ed the extensive contract legally binding them to work at the beer tent that the recent college dropouts realized there was a little more to the position than just handing out beer. In other words, there were conditions. Shelley pulled over to the side of the road and parked her Hyundai. In fact, they would get assessed a penalty for every gallon that was left!

She whipped it around and went back to the place where they had ed the contract. As they walked in, they suddenly noticed that the place was coincidentally doubling as a law office. They immediately went to the front desk which was manned by the battleship of a woman who had hired them. At this Maude, sat back on her haunches and hardcore erotica grimly. She then reached into her desk and grabbed a pack of cigarettes and took one out and lit it. Amber breathed a sigh of relief. All we wanted to do was give out some beer samples and get paid.

Maude leaned into them. My boss, Hemplesworth Dodson IV is a lawyer. He watches too much reality TV and sees these shows where people are doing actual worthwhile work and this makes him feel bad about himself. It makes him want to do something real, as he puts it. It makes him want to do honest hardcore erotica. It makes him want to work with his hands. Maude gave her an angry look. Anyway, this desire that he gets to do something other than being a lawyer makes him embark on all sorts of flights of fancies.

What does that have to do with She now understood completely what was going on. And whenever he goes into hardcore erotica, he jumps in with both feet. This is why he went to the trouble of setting up a tent at the beer fest. Maude leaned towards them again. Just give the beer away and everything will be fine. They buy tickets from the organizers and then they give them to you for the beer. And whatever tips you get, you get to keep.

Just tell them to lie. Most people are nice. Sweet talk them if you have to. A big one. The girls looked at each other and smiled. This was good news. Maybe this would work out after all. Feeling much better about the situation, the girls shook hands with Maude and started out the door.

Why did he have to start a brewery? Maude looked the girls up and down. The girls looked at her with a lost look. They had no idea what she was talking about or what they were going to do. Maude chuckled. And when I get drunk, I get mean. The girls were truly at a loss. They both knew that there was no way that anyone was going to come into the tent and there was even less of a chance that anyone was going to give it a favorable rating.

They were stuck. This was one job where they were actually going to end up owing someone for hiring them. Maude had been insinuating that they should use their feminine wiles to work the customers. Amber nodded in complete agreement. They were tall, heavily muscled, lean and just her type.

Just looking at them in their baggy athletic shorts was really beginning to make her horny. Their shorts were so loose-fitting and thin that she easily could see the outline of their large swinging dicks. It was so hot, anything was possible. They were having the same effect on Shelley. Besides, it had been a very dull day. At least now they would have something nice to look at.

She could feel her hot, sweaty body coming to life just from looking at their muscles and imagining just what was under their athletic attire. Inwardly, Amber agreed. Hardcore erotica knew that the dirndls were sexy as hell. They sure made her feel extraordinarily turned on.

Seeing an advantage, she moved in closer to them. At that the football players laughed. At this Shelley moved in, too. She had already begun fidgeting and crossing and uncrossing her legs just from the sheer excitement of seeing their rock-hard muscles. Just being close to their athletic bodies was making her nipples hard. She had been so deprived of sex lately, this was more than she could resist.

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Hardcore erotica

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