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Barcelona did not want the year-old to travel to Japan but Spain did and he almost turned draw with Egypt into a win. Spain won gold in at the Barcelona Games by beating Poland in the final. The team collected silver at Sydney after they lost against Cameroon on penalties, but they have not reached a final since. It is all well and good for Barcelona to plead for rest for Pedri but they, too, had fed on his seemingly insatiable desire to play and fielded him 52 times in the season. The Tenerife-born player found himself the target of Egyptian attentions in the Sapporo Dome on Thursday, with Akram Tawfik and Emam Ashour keeping a keen eye on him, limiting his time on the ball in the first half and prompting him to play higher in the second.

However, if the gruelling 3, minutes he played for Barcelona and 14 games for Spain, including three back-to-back bouts of extra time at the European Championship, had been wearying it did not show. With Australia then Argentina up next, Spain will be disappointed not to have opened with game sex girl points.

There can be no doubt the midfielder is more than capable of shouldering expectation. What is unclear is whether his body can last the duration of another gruelling campaign not only unscathed but still delivering at the standard to which we have become accustomed. There is pressure on Spain to prove his inclusion was justified and after the draw in Sapporo, there is pressure on Pedri and the team going into the next two games. Suzanne Wrack in Sapporo. Thu 22 Jul . Reuse this content.

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