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CodesCubesAndCrashes released this Oct 22, This release is primarily a collection of fixes, with a few quality of life improvements. And although there are plenty of things that need work, I think that AgriCraft is considerably more usable now. Regarding interactions with other mods: I have tested the re-obfuscated jar in a fresh install outside of my development environment, in FTB Beyond v1.

This included multiplayer on a dedicated server. Additionally, I checked all the mentions of agricraft ftb beyond changelog those log, and nothing stood out at me. So I'm optimistic. But you never know. If you have a quick question, a comment, or any feedback, you're invited to hop on the Discord server. And of course you can submit a report using the issue tracker. CodesCubesAndCrashes released this Sep 20, RlonRyan released this Mar 26, RlonRyan released this Mar 12, InfinityRaider released this Feb 5, InfinityRaider released this Feb 1, Releases Tags.

Latest release. Choose a tag to compare. Search for a tag. Background This release is primarily a collection of fixes, with a few quality of life improvements. Seeds can be planted at night. You get better feedback during planting about if their requirements are met. The Sprinkler has been updated. It works, and it's better. So a few fertilizers from other mods work. Some of the JSON files have been updated.

Right clicking the tops of blocks while holding crop sticks works again. Crops don't drop seeds if you're just harvesting their fruits. Instructions First of all, I encourage you to make sure that you have a backup. I would hate to have screwed anyone's game or save up. If you play single player only, or on your own server: I highly recommend that you go to your. Do that for both the client and ftb beyond changelog. That way all of the configurations and JSONs will be regenerated, and everything will be in sync.

If you connect to someone else's server: Get in touch with the server operator. You guys will need to be careful, update both sides, and then make sure that the configurations and JSONs are identical. They might provide you with a new agricraft folder to use. You can't just update your client, it won't work with the older server version.

Links changelog. Assets 4. Source code zip. Source code tar. Changelog 2. Assets 3. This commit marks the 2. It also includes an alpha warning system. Assets 2. It features major fixes, including the removal of a serious memory leak related to caching qu, the fixing of the grass drops, and the fixing of cross-crops being placeable on planted plants. This marks a whole new degree of stability, hopefully. Feb 17, v1. Jan 28, v1. Next. You ed in with another tab or window.

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Ftb beyond changelog

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