Franks adventure 3 walkthrough

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Post a Comment. I am Mog Anarchy, and I like to play games. Whether they are old, new, retro, modern, online, offline, console, computer, critically acclaimed or notoriously bad. Here on my blog, I rant about, review, trash talk, praise and generally talk about all of my favourite and least-favourite games. I also write my own guides on how to accomplish tricky tasks, show off my creative endeavors and challenge myself with crazy in-game tasks.

I also have a bunch of gaming merchandise which I am glad to show off. So drop me a comment, I love hearing franks adventure 3 walkthrough questions, criticisms, comments and general gaming discussions. There are a total of six fish you can catch during Frank's Adventure 3 - these can be sold for coins or turned into meals to restore Frank's HP. Certain fish are also required to complete certain quests. As I clearly had nothing better to do - I have produced this comprehensive guide to every single screen on SexyIsland where Frank can catch fish.

Simply click on the screenshots to enlarge them. The Southern Gola can be caught on these screens:. The Red Squirrel can be caught on these screens:. The Bluestriped Grunt can be caught on these screens:. No comments:. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.

Franks adventure 3 walkthrough

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How to Win Franks Adventure 3