Flash season 2 episode 9

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Barry is, knowingly in some cases and completely oblivious in others, wrapped up in all of them, but the emotional struggles of those around him make his actual battle with the returning Weather Wizard and the Trickster look like any average brawl. Lenny Snart, however, is less enthused by the idea in his slow transition to, if not a hero, at least someone with a conscious.

That conscious le Snart to tell Barry just what Mardon and Jesse have in store, breaking into his home to do so. Iris has revealed to him flash season 2 episode 9 secret of her ly unknown brother, sitting alongside Iris as she finally breaks the news to Joe. Cue the first of many times Jesse L. Martin broke my heart in this episode. The name is what really gets Joe — Wally is short for Wallace, which is what they would have named Iris had she been a boy.

Head here for more details. Before the revelation, he fills in Barry on the reason Patty may be working a little more fast and furious on this case. He has Cisco work on the wand he used to ly defeat the Weather Wizard. Unfortunately, it also sends Patty into the line of fire. And if you ever saw him, you might even want to puke. He has the two surrounded by spinning dreidels ready to explode. But Barry uses his windmill arms to propel him and Patty out of the facility, missing the ensuing explosion but leaving Patty only more enraged.

Killing Mardon may not fix things, but she believes it has to improve her life enough to be worthwhile. The Flash tries to warn her not to be reckless. Barry specifically uses that word again, just as he did as himself earlier in the episode. I suspected Patty would maybe catch flash season 2 episode 9 at that point, but it seems the secret-identity revelation is meant for another episode. Unfortunately, Mardon is able to outrun Barry once the two meet out in the city thanks to his newfound ability to fly. Barry eventually takes him down, only to learn what Mardon actually has in store.

All day, Jesse, disguised as Santa Claus, handed out presents to random children in the city filled not with coal or toys, but with bombs. All of those bombs will go off unless Barry lets Mardon kill him in a public showing for all of Central to witness. With the bombs out of the picture, Barry subdues Mardon and Jesse with ease. Joe confesses to Barry early in the episode that he blames himself for his son having grown up without a father. He could have gone after Francine, could have given Wally a father figure and brought into his life the son he always wanted.

Joe was able to forgive Francine, and Patty, if not able to forgive Mardon, found it in herself to not seek simple revenge. Unbeknownst to Harry, working in his lab behind the glass, Barry speaks to the other Wells. Jesse L. She finds that opportunity at the West homestead during their Christmas party, as Caitlin and Jay also find a moment to finally have their first kiss under the mistletoe.

But the night truly belongs to Joe and Iris, as a surprising guest appears at their doorstep. The show ends with a less joyous reunion, however. After the success of Arrow, Barry Allen a. The Flash gets his own CW treatment in this comic-themed spin-off. The Flash recap: Running to Stand Still. Save FB Tweet More. The Flash. Close this dialog window Streaming Options.

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Flash season 2 episode 9

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The Flash Season 2 Episode 9 Review: Running to Stand Still