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Disney buys FOX and does a total overhaul of Family Guyby rebooting the series in a multitude of different, very "Disney-esque" ways. The reboots receive rather questionable feedback from focus groups. Disney conducts a focus group with the thought of canceling and then immediately rebooting Family Guy. The Griffin Family watches the focus group testers from the other side of a one-way mirror. Their first effort is on making a feminist reboot of Family Guyfeaturing Lois as the main character, and properly titling the show " Lois!

Lois goes to work at the Pawtucket Fine Winerywhere her boss is Sheila. Lois is nearly cheated out of a promotion when Smarmy J. Tiestraightener tries to one-up her at her job. Peter poses as a big executive who credits Lois for landing his contract, Lois is given the promotion but as Peter walks away and removes his mask, Lois pulls his face off to reveal it a mask covering her face since it is her show. The pair continue to pull successive masks off until Peter is left as a bare skull.

The next effort is titled "The Q", a gritty supernatural teen drama series, where everyone is hypersexualized. When Connie slips away to get her nipples hard in the rain, she is attacked by a wolf. Hearing her scream inside the club, the rest of the teens as well as Quagmire follow, revealing themselves to be minor Marvel characters. Before they can act, the town sheriff, Peter kills the wolf, having been the town sheriff all along as it changes to Brian.

After Brian dies, Chris' family guy sexy becomes way too famous to be on the show and so he leaves it, ruining the show for everyone else. The third effort is a reboot of the show called "Family Guy Again", which is the exact same show, only the majority of the actors have left the show due to becoming more famous and doing better things, while the minor characters are forced to hold up the series all by themselves.

Chris has a Newhart phone call with Stewiewhere he explains the in-universe exampled of how the other main characters have been written off the show. Chris and Tricia Takanawa are cohabiting with Joe Swansonwho lives in the basement, where he plays family guy sexy records and uplo them on the internet, but when Joe becomes troublesome, Tricia makes Chris kick him out. Shortly after being kicked out, Joe gets noticed by Stevewho says that he loves his work and wants to hire him to be a participant in his paraplegic record company, "Record-Spin".

Joe happily obliges and takes up the job and he becomes famous from his records. During the montage of Joe getting more and more famous, he suddenly stops appearing altogether and it's later explained by Tricia that Joe became so famous, that he too moved on from the show.

When a new character is needed to keep the show running, Chris drives out to a bunch of unemployed Mexicans standing outside of a hardware store and chooses one to the cast. This Mexican family guy sexy Ernesto Gonzalez from the critically panned and long-cancelled series, Bordertown.

The focus group wants to call it quits as Peter angrily confronts them. Finding out they want something binge-worthy, he quickly presents a show that only features a few moments of footage per episode. Bouncing around other ideas, he finds that the group likes other shows so he creates other short versions of them.

The host of the group suddenly announces that Family Guy will remain as-is after the executives discover that the orders to change the show came from a squirrel that snuck into the building. The family is happy just to have the show the way it normally is, although they can see one little concession had to be made as Joe arrives with his big band records with the mandate to include more of him in the show.

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Family guy sexy

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