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I watch Zoe as she crosses the room from bar to sofa. She has a glass of white wine in each hand. She looks stunning. I could be happy here. Perhaps not as happy as I would be with Richard, but happier than most people can ever hope to be. Zoe is so in tune with who I am, and who Richard must be, she expected me to visit. She was watching Facebook. I was visiting my past. That meant her. We made love just seconds after my arrival.

I crashed through the doorway and down onto the thick bed of blankets and pillows Zoe had arranged erotic tales tumblr my inevitable arrival. We hungrily swam into each other, pawing clothes, skin, and flesh, making passionate love with our mouths. She looks at the photos of Cooper and laughs, remembering stories from before, and comparing them to the older, wiser Cooper I speak of now.

She laughs, pointing. I lean against the couch and pull her into the crook of my arm. Zoe looks like an angel: my perfect woman.

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I love the softness of her skin as I wrap my arm around her. My fingers brush her lace-covered breasts. I looked down at her, smiling as I sweep her hair, knowing enough time has passed to put us both in a simmer. Zoe knows what I want, so she eases back between my legs and starts rubbing herself lightly against my pussy, hand slithering past her yoga pants waistband, down toward her honey-sweet hole.

I lift the bottom of her top. Her nipple is hard and bright pink. I turn it harder and pinker by squeezing her breast from beneath. I can tell her fingers are moving between her lips, because her body starts to hum. I want to smell and taste her. Zoe laughs. She lifts her legs, and I pull them the rest of the way.

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I throw them over my shoulder and return to her side. She moans as I brush her body with my hair, lips, and the tips of my fingers. Her skin is prickles under my touch. I want to go fast, but love the control like my Richard, and taking things slow. Zoe presses her fingers harder between her folds, swishing lengthwise. I part the sweater from my breast, shrug from the fabric, grab erotic tales tumblr tit, and knead the skin under my palm.

I moan louder, wanting more of Zoe but needing control. I look at her beautiful tits. I reach down, squeeze one then the other, yelp, and arch my back as her flicking tongue covers my breast. I crawl over and lower my breast into her open, waiting mouth. I look down, wanting to lick her puffy nipples.

Zoe teases my nipple harder with her tongue and pushes three fingers hard against my pussy. She changes breasts. I feel a momentary chill as my licked nipple kisses cool air, then a gust of warmth as her mouth hits my other one. I moan louder, push my body to Zoe, and mash my breast into her mouth. I pick it up and hold the vibrator up like a trophy, laughing. I turn it on, and Zoe closes her eyes. She buries her hand in my hair as I stir her in steady circles, each just slightly faster than the one before it. I push the massager harder against her pussy. She cums all over it. Eyes flutter. Zoe grinds her tiny teeth.

I pinch her nipples and push the vibrator harder to her clit, before dragging it along her lower lips. I want my turn, and can feel my pussy flexing and flaring. I want to bury my face between her legs, feel her juices on my skin. I make Zoe cum harder, first biting her right nipple, harder than she expects, as I stir her pussy faster. She erotic tales tumblr up from the blankets and pillows, unable to manage her body.

My mouth hovers an inch above her. I let her capture my lips, just one taste before pulling away, then I return to her breast, running my tongue in circles around her nipple as I turn off the vibrator and her body calms. Zoe shifts on the floor and rolls toward me.

I moan, lifting my ass from the carpet. Zoe is on her knees, taking turns with my tits, kissing one then the other, starting with tightly pursed lips at my nipple, gently sucking, then sliding down to pull as much as she can into her mouth. My head falls back. I close my eyes. I throttle instinct, wanting to squeeze my thighs to trap her face at my pussy. She gently spre my lips, pushing her tongue into my folds.

I shake, pushing my pussy against her face. She pulls back again, looks up. For three years. I promise. About whatever you want. Zoe is torture. Facebook is stupid. Please, just put your mouth back on my cunt!

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Then she starts plunging over and over. She goes from sucking my clit to flicking it with her tongue, and hurls me into another orgasm. I want to scream and tell Zoe I love her. But the world pounds until it falls silent. Zoe holds up the vibrator, then turns it on. The hum thrills me. While sucking my right breast, Zoe pushes the bulb to my pussy. My hand is pressed to her back, pushing her harder down onto my breast. I grab half of the vibrator and help her hold it against me. The next orgasm finds me immediately. I scream out, throw my head back, and rock my body against her.

Zoe does more of everything to keep me shaking.

Erotic tales tumblr

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