Dustys castle

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Our goal is for Newgrounds to be ad free for everyone! Become a Supporter today and help make this dream a reality! An dustys castle castle forms the prison between the warring angel of virtue and demon of dustys castle, locked away between worlds. An unsuspecting wanderer stumbles upon this forsaken place, and she must struggle to walk a righteous or sinful path in her effort to determine the outcome of the age-old struggle. There is some excessive and questionable adult content in this game, so if you are prone to finding these types of things offensive, I would strongly suggest skipping this game.

It is a pretty straight forward adventure game, and all the adult content is decided on the choices you make as the game moves forward. There are 5 endings depending on the decisions you make. Dusty's Castle Share Collapse. Author Comments. Hope you enjoy! Newgrounds s are free and registered users see fewer ! Views 5, Faves: 7, Votes 3, Score 4. Tags dusty eggplants gorepete lok. Daily 2nd Place December 5, Legend of Krystal vG by Gorepete. Crashed on Sauria, how will Krystal survive in the Sharpclaw village?

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Dustys castle

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Dusty's Castle