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After getting knocked out by my college bully, he and his friends used my girlfriend in front of me. I don't really remember what I said, although I'm sure it was something stupid since I was pretty blacked out on this Friday night. But there I lay on my back just outside the steps of the bar. Hovering over me was Mike. He made sure I didn't get back up from his punch. I am in decent shape, but I looked like a muscle-less sissy next to Mike, who was absolutely jacked.

Mike was in our rival frat. His frat was definitely the "best" on campus but they were all meathe and idiots. I regained my composure and stood up. It looked like I was crying but I wasn't. He had just hit me right between my eyes, right on the top of my nose so it produced tears.

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Either way, I looked pretty stupid. I could hear Mike's friends laughing like hyenas in the background. Luckily, my girlfriend Michelle, was there to walk back home with me. Michelle was so gorgeous, way out of my league. She was five-feet-two-inches tall, with beautiful blonde hair, great 34DDs and a bubble butt that was impossible to ignore. Plus, she was amazing in the bedroom. I am not the most endowed person, but she never made me feel like I was incompetent. The sex was always amazing. I liked it that way. She was wearing a silk white blouse that acted as a short dress, and if you looked hard enough you could see the outline of her black lace thong peeping through the soft white silk.

She wasn't wearing a bra, like most nights, because it made her uncomfortable.

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She looked so sexy that night. After we arrived at my house - which was across the street from Mike's fraternity house - I immediately put ice on my face, wiped up the blood, and tried to stop the tears.

I just chalked this one up to just a rough night at the bars. I did feel bad for Michelle. It was still early in the night and all her friends were still out. I could tell she didn't want to dip out early from the bars but she is a sweetheart and I'm glad she took care of me. Her phone started buzzing and her best friends Katie and Diana were on their way to the Pike Fraternity house across the street from mine.

That's Mike's frat. Apparently, they were having a post-game party following the bars. I laughed and said to Michelle that there was no way she was going to that, right? She hesitated and said that Diana had her keys so she had to stop by there anyway. I told her fine but come right back. I was especially mad at Mike and his friends and didn't want my girlfriend trotting around their house laughing it up with those guys. She left and cuckold bully stories she would be right back. Ten minutes became twenty, and twenty became thirty, and eventually, she had been gone for almost an hour. She wasn't answering her phone because the service at these frat houses is awful, so I decided to walk over there.

Stupid, I know, but what else could I do?

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I just wanted to make sure she was ok. I went to open the door but it was locked, so I knocked. Mike's fraternity buddy Rashad opened the door - he was definitely the toughest kid in the frat. He looked like a black Hercules, I swear to you. But we were always cordial, so I said hi and started walking in the house but he stopped me and said he couldn't let me in, as it was for Pike members and girls only.

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Then he slammed the door on me and all I could hear was faint techno music and laughter behind the walls. I walked around the back of the house and peered into the basement window, where the party was taking place. Finally, I could see Michelle, and she was dancing with her two friends and about four Pike guys, including Mike. She looked like she was having fun. My heart sank into my stomach. Her two friends went to the bathroom upstairs, leaving Michelle alone with Mike and a few other guys.

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I wondered what they were talking about. But before I had time to think about it, Mike grabbed Michelle forcefully and cupped her ass, slightly lifting the silk blouse above the bottom of her ass for everyone to see. She pushed him away, but he wasn't having it.

He grabbed her by the sleeve which caused her shirt to rip right off her fair skinned body. Quickly she covered up her breasts which were out for everyone to see, and she crouched into the corner as she yelled something at Mike that I couldn't quite make out. I was overcome with rage. I kicked in the front door and forced my way down the stairs to the basement. Rashad grabbed me on my way down and asked what I was doing, so I explained. He then escorted me down to the basement with my now naked girlfriend, Mike, and cuckold bully stories three jacked meathead guido friends.

When they saw me they started laughing because not only did these guys kick my ass, but they've now stripped my girlfriend of all of her clothes and the situation was humiliating for me. I tried to yell but Mike got back in my face and I cowered. Michelle looked at me in disgust. She expected me to defend her and stand up to these guys but I was too scared of getting punched again. Mike then said to Michelle that he was sorry she dated such a pussy, which Michelle ignored. Then she did something I didn't expect. She cuckold bully stories up and removed her hands that were covering her breasts.

The guys all started hooting and clapping. Even Rashad. One of these idiots even gave her a little slap on the ass which gave her a jolt, but the noise she made sounded like she kind of enjoyed it. Michelle looked me in the eye and told me that she deserves to be with a strong Alpha male type that could stick up for her. I sunk my head into my hands and started tearing up again, which only proved her point that I was a coward.

Mike looked at me, then back at Michelle, and then unzipped his pants to unleash what I can say to this day is the biggest cock I have ever seen. Michelle gasped and couldn't take her eyes off of it. Mike then looked at me, smiled, then turned to Michelle and said, "See, this is what a real man looks like, Michelle. Michelle slowly started getting closer and closer to his now-erect, veiny thick, nine-inch mammoth cock, as if she was investigating the science behind such a massive thing.

She grabbed it and in one swoop put it in her mouth. I kept yelling her name that we need to go but I don't think she even realized I was still in the room. One by one, all of the guys took out their cocks. All of them were very very very well endowed, especially Rashad. Michelle didn't hesitate to start tasting all of them, while the guys heckled me and laughed, high-fiving each other intermittently.

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Then they started chanting my name, to take out my penis. The peer pressure took over and I pulled my pants down and took out my penis. It was flaccid, maybe two inches I am about three inches fully erect. They started laughing more and I just couldn't take it anymore. I pulled my pants up and ran out of the house in tears from humiliation. I stopped halfway to my house and turned back, 'what about Michelle? She was bent over taking it from behind from Mike, while he aggressively spanked her and pulled her hair, calling her names like "my bitch," and cuckold bully stories sex slave.

After each of them had their turn with Michelle, my exhausted girlfriend just sat on the floor completely flush and satisfied. She had a smirk I had never seen before. I wonder how many times she came. While she caught her breath, all the guys surrounded her and shot their massive lo all over her face and tits.

She didn't even seem to notice. She definitely cuckold bully stories seem to notice them taking pictures of my girlfriend drenched in their cum. I ran home angry, sad, frustrated, totally humiliated. When I got back to my house I went in my room, opened my computer, and I had an from Rashad. It was pictures of Michelle completely covered in their sticky lo with this cute smile on her face like she enjoyed it.

Except Rashad didn't just it to me. He didn't just it to his entire fraternity. But he also ed it to all the frats on campus. There had to be thirteen or fourteen pictures of her. But then I got to the last picture. I didn't notice them taking it. But it is me in full tears, with my two-inch penis in my hand, watching these true alphas with massive cocks use my girlfriend as their fuck toy.

Cuckold bully stories

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