Cryptic caverns walkthrough

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Go up the ladder, then up the stairs. Take another crate which has good in it. Then leave the ship. Tap to the left of the ship to find yourself in front of a small building. Tap the crate next to it to get more cold coins.

Enter the building and take the painting off the wall. Take another crate of the top of the bar. Also open the back door. Open the door and enter to talk to the Withered old man. Find out everything he knows and get the Sanctuary Key from him. Go back to the screen with the torch. Tap left, tap left, tap left. Zoom in on the axe. Notice the green eye by the axe. Look at the book and focus on the green letters. Select them like so, and the green eye will glow. Take the axe:. Tap the windmill to see the cavern opening. Go inside take the ruby figurine.

Read the book next to it. Also, examine the sculpture on the wall. Go back to the small cabin where you found the painting. Go through the back door and chop down the free with the axe. Now you can cross the lake. Tap on the lighthouse and take the shovel leaning up against it. Then open the door and enter. Go back to the cabin. Tap on the puzzle near the bar. Remember the three symbols you saw ship, lighthouse, cavern? Tap cryptic caverns walkthrough to get a flute:. Go through the back door again and cross the river. Use the flute on it and it will open up, revealing a Sapphire Figurine.

Take it.

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Go back to the cavern opening and use the shovel to dig at the base of the eye obelisk. Take the telescope. Downstairs in the lighthouse, solve the plant puzzle using the three runes you used to get the telescope.

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Change the gems like so to get the Topaz. Go back to the cavern opening and cut the undergrowth with the saber. Go through to find the sanctuary. Tap on the statue ahead of you. Place the figurines by the corresponding orbs. Take the goblet and trade it to the Withered for his lantern. Now you can enter the caverns. Use the lantern to enter the caverns. Pick up the grime covered object from the table looks like a bird.

Go back one screen and tap the left side of the screen. Tie the rope to the stake and climb down. Enter the temple. I played around with it and then it opened, but not really sure how it works. Go back to where you found the rope. Wash the grime covered object with the water to get a raven figurine Use the elixir to go underwater. Take a crystal and go back up to trade it to the Wise for some gauntlets.

Continue on to where you found the dynamite and use the gauntlet to get a piece of sacred ore. Go back up to the opening of the pit. Put yours on the pedestal and the box will open, revealing a wheel. Go back two screens to the strange mechanism. Then turn each wheel once to shine light into the top cryptic caverns walkthrough. Zoom in on that part and take the Artifact of the Star. Continue walking. Put the sacred ore in the center and match it to the drawing on the wall like so:. There are three slabs doors here with symbols on them.

There are also three pillars with symbols on them, as well as different colored gems. Match the symbols on the pillars to the symbols on the right door:. Walk through the door and put the dynamite on the device to blow it up. The floor opens up, revealing an underground city. Go down into it. Go back one screen and enter the cathedral straight ahead.

Tap the right pews to find a bone. Pick it up and leave. Tap to the right of it to see some pillars:. Thanks to KB for the instructions for the Tower puzzle. Each pillar has symbols, if you click on the symbols you will see that that each pillar has 2 sets of symbols.

Keep hitting it and you will see that it goes all the way around the wheel landing in different spots. Now click to the left of cryptic caverns walkthrough screen while looking at the 4 pillars and the wheel you will see the tower and 4 other pillars in front of it.

Each one has its own symbol, but if you look closely you will notice that they all have a BLUE lines, just in diff positions. OK now back to the wheel. Pillar 1 the one that is on far left. For example: Pillar 1.

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Now go back to Pillar 1 and press the button under the symbol. Red light lights up. Now go back to the wheel. Straight up. So with that done, all you have to do is replicate the blue lines with the BLUE line symbols in the other screen. It is a lot of going back and forth. I know this sounds confusing to some but it is the best way I can explain. After all four lights are lit up, the tower door will open. Enter to see some gears.

Cryptic caverns walkthrough

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Cryptic Caverns