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Views 5, Downlo File size KB. Walkthrough This walkthrough will list the various conversation choices you can make in Sisterly Lust and the consequenc. Walkthrough MindBreak v0. The core of the g. I wonder what and how much has been written on that premise? It will evolve and update over time as the game is completed, though the rate at which it does this will almost certainly not be with every update, but rather when real life permits and ificant changes in the game warrant it to be so.

In the event that I've missed anything, you are free to PM me Looners over the Dystopian Project discord channel and I'll do my best to reply within the week and update this file, if necessary. Credits This work was put together through many seperate playthroughs by myself Loonersalong with the invaluable playtesting of Alariza, whose raw s and statistics in regards to many, if not most, encounters in the game saved me a lot of time and effort. Also worth mentioning is the inspiration of the initial attempt by Krieshna and of course Architect, who always finds time to answer any questions put to him about the claires quest horse.

This will be done only within the Prologue chapter, where they will be described upon first being encountered and all the way to their current end, due to their shorter nature. Each chapter that describes the areas of a greater world location i. Rathpike Quests. Item sparkles will usually not be mentioned, unless they are of a high value or quest-related. North is Up. South is Down. East is Right.

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West is Left. Example: a [Intrigue Prologue 1. Prologue Areas 1. At this point the player is prompted to review basic instructions and can interact with their first sparkling items. As in the rest of the game, most of the sparkles will be flavor items sometimes randomized, other times claires quest horse in stone that can be sold for money but a few among them are important story or quest items. After the player learns to navigate around the floor, they may progress down the stairs in the southwest corner. This le to Claire recounting the events that led to that point, whereupon her mother comes back in and urges her to find the purse and come outside quickly: PROLOGUE: Pick up the purse and then head outside.

Finally, there is the purse on the table in the southeast corner. After collecting it, the player can progress outside the house via the exit to the south. This also skips past several areas and events that currently cannot be otherwise encountered such as the Fort and pigmen encounters in general. Upon exiting the house, Claire finds her mother fending off three pigmen monsters as she hastily instructs her own daughter to avoid the nearby town Fairfax and head straight for the coast so as to find a ship that will take her to the Isles. Soon after, her mother is taken captive while Claire escapes.

After a few days travel, she arrives at the coast. In either case, the player is now prompted to review advanced gameplay instructions, which covers HP, EP as well as the four character statistics and how they influence Claire's actions during the course of the game.

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After this, Claire can try to walk past the guards to the west, but she is once again stopped and given three choices: a Pay them 40 silver. If b or c were picked, the player now has but one option left to them to progress; heading east to the nearby Fallwater Glade area. Before heading there, though, in the eastern part of the Fallwater Glade you will find the Unconscious Youth lying down next to the riverbank.

If not, then the next time you interact with him reveals that he died. If the youth dies, then interacting with his body again after that revelation will prompt the player to loot his corpse. If not, she just leaves him alone. If Claire succeeded in helping the youth survive, he will recount how he and his fiancee, Marie, were fleeing something huge in the forest and then got seperated as he fell into the river.

He will then ask for Claire to try and find her for him, since he is too weak to do so himself. If she refuses his quest, the Grateful Youth will give her 5 silvers as claires quest horse and won't appear again. If she accepts, then the quest is added to the log. The Youth can now be found at the southeast corner of the nearby Checkpoint area.

Or she can refuse it, in which case she gains nothing while inspiring the Youth to reach the Isles and work hard in Marie's memory. In any case, There are two ways to enter this area. One is from Fallwater Glade at the southern entrance and the other is from Fallwater Heights at the northern entrance.

Since there is little reason to come here from the northern direction, we will assume the first possibility. Reading it makes it apparent that, hidden somewhere in this area, there is a way past the guards and into both the Refugee Camp and the village, but that the author of the note couldn't find it. Moving east we have two paths, one heading north then west across a bridge and the other even further to the east. Despite the odd transition of the latter, both of them ultimately lead to the same area where there is a single pigman patrolling below an elevated cliff that can be scaled using some brown vines to reach the 3 silvers stashed inside a wooden crate.

There is also another pigman patrolling just across a second bridge to the north of that area. If Claire gets caught i. Either have Claire dash as fast as she can around claires quest horse though this is tricky as the paths are quite narrowor use the north path's approach to lure both pigmen further back the way you came. Then, when both of them are at or across the first bridge down that path, you head down the eastern path, collect the 3 silvers inside the wooden crate without much problem and proceed further north. The next pigman is then to your east and can be safely avoided by following the path further west, as he is not guarding anything of ificance.

Then Claire crosses a bridge with another pigman in the clearing beyond, who may be dashed past relatively safely since the clearing is wide enough.

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And after a transition and heading somewhat south and to the west, there is one last pigman that will be the trickiest of them all, guarding a fairly narrow pass where timing your dash past him is important. Claire will then have a free route down the path to the north and then west, which will lead her to the next area. One is from Fallwater Forest at the southeastern entrance and the other is from the Refugee Camp at the southwestern entrance. Both of these are seperated by the waterfall and the river in the center of the area.

Continuing the assumption, that we came from the forest, we find ourselves at the eastern part, where heading up two flights of steps and onto the cliffs to our northeast le us to the 2 silvers stashed inside a wooden crate. Going back down and along the riverbank to our west and heading further north le us to another set of steps. Scaling those we now have the option of going across a wooden bridge to our west or going further north up another set of stairs.

Choosing the latter reveals the character Gilly looking towards us from another cliff even further up to our north. A set of stairs to our east can bring us to her, where Claire takes note of a strong stench along the way, and the player can then talk to Gilly.

On the other hand, we can also not head to our east up the stairs and instead head directly to her hut to the northwest. We can choose to investigate them or leave them alone. If we do investigate, then we start another short quest. Proceeding down the ladder, we find ourselves in a small makeshift cellar.

Heading to the east of it, we stop in front of a cell, where a huge pigboss is being held captive and drugged. Not much to do except head back up the ladder, where we are confronted by Gilly, who in the event that we haven't talked to her yet introduces herself. Apparently she claires quest horse like us sneaking around and poking through her home, and is ready to make sure Claire goes for a very bad trip. Either way, From there we can head a bit back south and west across the brige and to the other side of the waterfall. Once on the other side we go north up two flights of steps, until we can see a sparkling tree stump.

After this we can head south along the westernmost cliffside and we come across claires quest horse options. The first has us go down two flights of stairs, then further south along the clearing until in the southwest bottom corner we find the second wooden crate with 5 silvers stashed inside. Alternatively, we can stick to the westernmost cliffside path and quickly find another path west, which le us to the area of the Secluded Clearing. Choosing to investigate has us automatically pick it up, which however le to a deafening roar emanating from the forest and the ground shaking slightly.

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Claire can respond to this in one of three ways: a Play dead. Claire loses EP b Hide in the bushes. Claire's scent gives her away and a pigboss abducts her. Game Over. Same consequences as with choice b. Heading back to the east, we return to Fallwater Heights and have only one more point of interest, which is to our south along the cliffside until we reach the southwest path that le straight to the Refugee Camp.

If we entered from the direction of Fallwater Heights, we need to head north along the cliff and then slightly to the east there will be some brown vines down which we can descend into the camp. Those same vines can be scaled the other way up, in case we paid the guards at the Checkpoint and entered the area from there and need to reach Fallwater Heights quickly.

Either way, upon first entering this area the guards at the Checkpoint will no longer bar our entry and will assume that we belong here. We can now proceed to the two guards in front of Fort Amberley to the south, who guard its claires quest horse. But talking to them reveals that in order to get to Hookton Village, where we might find a ship that will take us to the Isles, we first need to get a permit from Sir Gregory at the Customs office. However, if we bother to look around a bit, we'll find that isn't our only option to reach the Isles.

Claires quest horse

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