Chloe 18 vacations walkthrough

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Saving Chloe is one of the dating simulators that has become more popular today. This is largely due to its interesting stories, the complexity of its plots and the morbidity generated by the different encounters that the player can get with the girls that appear in this video game. Of course, and as in the other titles of this genre, we will have the possibility to make a lot of decisions.

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These will lead us to develop in one way or another the relationships with the different characters, making the story move in multiple directions inside Saving Chloe. It is for this reason that in HDGamers we have created this Saving Chloe Walkthroughso that you are totally clear about all the alternatives you have and that you can become a true seducer.

One of the points that always attracts attention when playing our favorite video games is knowing that we can modify some elements of this at our will.

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In Saving Chloe the situation is similar and the player can use some codes to enjoy the different scenes and endings that the videogame has for us. With this you will be able to explore the history of Saving Chloe freely and not miss any of the many details that this video game has for you. In this part of our Saving Chloe guide we show you all the choices you will have throughout the game, as well as some of the most important achievements you can get during your adventure.

The best thing to focus your efforts on completing the different achievements of Saving Chloe is that you can unlock a secret scene and prolong your enjoyment time in this exciting dating simulator. Now you have another choice, if you agree with serena you will get the achievement and ending Serena, to do so keep this path.

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But if you did you can Call Serena and have another ending, scene, achievement:. At this point, if Chloe pulled a gun on you, you have to go to Dojo 2if not, continue:. We hope you enjoyed this Saving Chloe Walkthrough to the fullest and that you will get all the achievements that this dating simulator has prepared for you. Table of Contents. Lovers of Aether: Walkthrough and Rewards. Spiral Clicker — Complete Full Guide. Alperda Gorria.

Chloe 18 vacations walkthrough

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Saving Chloe Walkthrough – Complete Guide & Cheats