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China is the most populous country in the world and the fourth largest by area. In more recent years, China has become the most profitable video game market in the world. Pop culture generally has a narrow view of Chinese culture, and china games for girls gaming world is no different in that regard. I hope you like martial arts! A staple of Kung Fu movies, Drunken Fist is a traditional style of Wushu that imitates the movements of a drunken man.

The dude uses sake bottles as weapons and his breath is literally flammable! Chin would prefer to live a secluded life in the mountains, but he takes on a fair amount of responsibility when he decides to mentor a trio of students in preparation for an oncoming evil. Incidentally, he can sober up periodically when the situation calls for it. This list is filled with pretty girls in slinky dresses, so an elderly drunk man is just the guy to keep things in balance.

She knows martial arts, she wears a qipao, and her best friend is a panda! Energetic and enthusiastic, Ling divides her time between fighting tournaments and amusement parks. In fact, her main reason for fighting is to win enough money to open up a park of her own. It would be hard to dislike someone like Ling, and her youthful exuberance makes her stand out from the joyless martial artists that she runs with. To that end, she demonstrates remarkable flexibility and explosive power. Pai Chan is a star of Hong Kong action flicks and the daughter of a renowned martial arts master.

Pai is a passionate fighter who enters tournaments to test her skills and face her estranged father. Even though her father is a superior martial artist who won the first World Fighting Tournament, Pai Chan has a larger fanbase in the gaming community. Video games tend to focus on the latter stereotype, but Mei-Ling Zhou proudly represents the nerds. The creative climatologist was part of an initiative to study abnormal weather patterns and their effects on different ecosystems.

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While stationed in Antarctica, a catastrophic storm destroyed the research facility and left Mei frozen in ice. After waking up some nine years latershe continued the fight to preserve the environment. Her array of weather-altering devices can shoot icicles, unleash frost streams, and create china games for girls walls.

The Chinese have a knack for building walls. A cheerful young woman who catches opponents off guard with elegant fighting moves and nimble footwork, Chai Xianghua was sent by the Ming Emperor to retrieve a cursed sword imbued with the power to consume souls and enslave minds. A teenage girl might seem an unlikely candidate for such an important task, but Xianghua was trained in swordplay from a young age and surpassed many of the monks at the temple.

Her style relies heavily on feints and evasive maneuvers, and she even pulls one over on her Emperor when she destroys the very sword she was sent to retrieve. She felt guilty for lying to her superiors, but, like the lotus flowers she surrounds herself with, her decision reflected the purity of the heart and mind. Xianghua has a tendency to joke around, but she always ensures that justice will prevail! Just kidding! Under the guidance of the thunder god Raiden, Liu Kang entered the Mortal Kombat tournament to defend the Earthrealm from evil overlords.

Liu Kang was successful in this endeavor, and he went on to win the next three tournaments as well. Jam Kuradoberi is a part-time bounty hunter and an aspiring restaurateur. On that note, Jam is one of the few Guilty Gear characters that uses a traditional fighting style. Jam takes great pride in her heritage, and she looks and behaves like a typical anime Chinese girl. The Dynasty Warriors series centers around characters and conflicts from one of the most turbulent eras of ancient Chinese history.

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Dozens of characters have been featured in the series thus far, but Zhao Yun is the face of the franchise. A courageous and virtuous general, Zhao Yun faces impossible odds with stride. His deep sense of loyalty is apparent to all, and he occasionally runs into enemy lines by himself!

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Although there are other Dynasty Warriors characters who are more powerful, Zhao Yun china games for girls the ideal poster boy for an action-based franchise. On that note, his dragon spear lends itself well to his fast-paced style. A beautiful young woman who has seen success in many fields, Litchi Faye-Ling is a renowned doctor and skilled martial artist who is as kind-hearted as she is sexy. BlazBlue takes place in a future where magic exists alongside technology, but the Shanghai native is every bit as traditional as her contemporary counterparts on this list.

On that note, Litchi wears a red qipao, a panda hairpin, and a yin yang brooch. Also, her attacks are named after Mahjong hands, her battle cries reference Chinese constellations, and her birthday falls on the date of the Qixi Festival. Was there even a question as to who would land the one position? The First Lady of Fighting Games and the strongest woman in the world is one of the most recognizable figures in all of gaming.

Outside of the Street Fighter series, she has made dozens of cameo appearances in other games. She has also been the subject of comic books, feature films, and some incredible cosplay. After her father was killed in cold blood, she ed Interpol in an effort to avenge his death. Chun-Li achieves a perfect balance between strong and sexy, and few gaming characters are more iconic than she is. Do you agree with this list?

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