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The latest social-networking phenomenon is filled with men showing off their genitalia. Shannon Donnelly talks to flashers about what they're getting out of it—and whether Chatroulette is turning otherwise normal men into exhibitionists. Which is pretty remarkable considering the website seems to be largely comprised of naked men. Chatroulette, which launched only a few months ago, has already become a phenomenon, thanks in part to its ludicrously simple layout. The site has none of the frills of other social-networking sites—no profiles, no private chatroulette naked, no friends—just an endless stream of strangers.

And, as the site has seemingly become overrun by flashers, an endless stream of genitalia—mostly of the male variety. Who are all these naked men, and what, exactly, they getting out of this game of naked cat and mouse? According to Lieberman, there are many things that might excite an exhibitionist. Nancy Irwin. Sexual compulsion crosses all ethnic, gender, and socio-economic barriers. Most of them have extreme difficulty relating to women in a normal way. Because of this, they may have more confidence in their physicalities than their personalities.

This, of course, is the crux of exposing oneself on Chatroulette. This new brand of no-risk flashing makes the kind of exposure indulged chatroulette naked by guys like Ben, a year-old flasher who works with computers, seem almost antiquated. Ben frequents a messageboard dedicated to exhibitionism, and agreed to shed some light on his own motivations for public flashing. From the time he was 13, Ben has enjoyed exposing himself to women, getting off not on the risk of being caught but by the surprise of the women he encounters.

He describes his jury-rigged outfit, which consists of a raincoat, and the cut-off legs of pants tied with garters around his thighs to give the illusion that he is wearing pants underneath. A T-shirt cut off at midriff completes the illusion. When they came close I would drop my coat and do my thing. Flashing, for Ben and for many others, is just about the thrill of provoking a reaction.

And now, Chatroulette is mass-manufacturing that thrill, taking away the threat of getting caught and the costly costume requirements, leaving any would-be flasher with no excuse not to indulge his urges from the comfort of his living room couch. Will the constant stream of nudity eventually inure Chatroulette users to the sight of masturbating men? Either way, Irwin sees an upside to chatroulette naked current, phallus-ridden version.

Shannon Donnelly is a video editor at The Daily Beast. You can of her writing here. Crossword Newsletters. TECH Disinformation. The Naked Men of Chatroulette The latest social-networking phenomenon is filled with men showing off their genitalia. Shannon Donnelly. Updated Jul.

Chatroulette naked

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Chatroulette Defined a Distanced Era of Awkward Zoom Chats and Dick Pics