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Charlie Sheen has alarmed an charlie pornstar of his past sex partners and now one of his ex-girlfriends -- who is a porn star -- is worried she may have unknowingly exposed other porn stars to HIV. According to Radar Onlinethe latest shocking claim about the former Two and a Half Men star comes just weeks after he confessed he's been HIV-positive for the past four years. His ex-girlfriend, former adult film actress Kacey Jordonclaims she's now worried that many others may be at risk as a result of Charlie Sheen's actions. Although Charlie is not directly responsible for those people, Kacey does feel his actions are to blame.

She also revealed shocking details about Charlie's love for pornography and his sexual preference. She also claims that even after he learned of his HIV status, she insists he was still "out of control. He was seeing transsexuals too. After he found out he was infected he was out of control. As ly reported on Inquisitrthere is a possibility Charlie could be faced with as many as lawsuits from sex partners he may have exposed to HIV. According to Mirror Online, Charlie Sheen admitted he's had approximately sex partners.

However, an inside source insists is a relatively small compared to the of sex partners he claimed to have had prior to learning of his HIV status. The insider claims he's had nearly 5, sex partners, including an estimated sex workers. After he was diagnosed he's admitted he went out of control. Say he slept with sex workers in the past four years and they slept with five people each — thousands could have charlie pornstar exposed to HIV.

It's caused panic. However, that's not all. The staggering s have reportedly left hundreds of women devastated. Sheen says he learned of his diagnosis four years ago and was announcing it publically to put an end to rumors and extortion. The media firestorm also opened the door for a of allegations about Charlie Sheen's sexuality.

Radar Online ly reported that Charlie had also been sued by a male who claimed he'd been exposed to HIV as a result of the actor's carelessness and promiscuity. Most of the alleged victims are reportedly suing Charlie Sheen for emotional distress and exposure to HIV. At this point, no one knows what the future holds for Charlie Sheen. But, many news outlets have speculated that his charlie pornstar treatments and the impending lawsuits could potentially lead to financial hardships in the near future.

Although Charlie insists most of his sex partners were aware of his status and had the option to have protected sex, they all insist he was not forthcoming. If Kacey Jordon's allegations are true, Charlie could be facing more lawsuits than he ever imagined.

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Charlie pornstar

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