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What is BoneTown?

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What is BoneTown rated? Can I play BoneTown on a Macintosh? Can I purchase BoneTown at my local Walmart? Can I have sex in BoneTown? Why are all the chicks turning me down? Why am I standing here in my underwear? Why am I getting beat down all the time? What are the Missions? Where do I get PowerMoves?

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Why do I see stars covering the private parts of the guys and girls during sex? Will it take long to get the Download version? Will it take long to get the Boxed version? What do I need to run BoneTown? I have a question that is not listed here. What do I do? It is a single player PC video game that you install and play on your own computer. If you like fucking, fighting, or getting fucked up, then you will like BoneTown.

At the moment Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony are unwilling to allow the release of a title as edgy as BoneTown on one of their consoles. We are working on changing this, though. BoneTown is a diverse place with thousands of unique girls who are all willing to have sex with you if your Balls are big enough. The size of your Balls directly influences what girls you can have sex with. The larger the Balls the more girls you can have sex with. Each chick bonetown sex a level from 1 to In order to get with a chick you must have Balls equal to or greater than her level.

You increase your Ball Size by making girls orgasm while having sex with them. If your Balls are too small to have sex with any girls you can increase your Balls by boning hookers you pay to have sex with, drinking whiskey or beer to temporarily increase your Ball Size, or acquiring better outfits that offer higher Ball Size Bonuses. In order to bone a chick in her ass your Ball Size must be 3 times her level. If you get knocked out, you will go to Ball Size 0 and lose your clothing and the Ball Size and Fighting Bonuses associated with them.

You will need to acquire a new outfit by knocking someone out and taking bonetown sex outfit using the Pick Up Bonetown sex Q. To increase your fighting skills you will need to do several things. The first is to increase your Ball Size through making girls orgasm or acquiring outfits with higher Bonuses. Increasing your Ball Size will allow you to do more damage. Another way to do more damage is finding a stronger weapon. Each weapon has a strength associated with it, and higher strength weapons will help you do more damage.

As the game progresses you will need to rely on your drugs more and more as you acquire stronger PowerMoves. The Missions are indicated on your minimap with a Blue Star Icon. PowerMoves are indicated on your minimap with a White Fist Icon. Each PowerMove is fueled by a specific drug and doing the PowerMove will take away one unit of that drug each time it is used. Some PowerMoves do area damage, while others act more like point and shoot weapons. Hold down the Shift Key while you toggle the area of your screen that usually displays your Drug Stash to display the PowerMoves you have unlocked.

Smoking Weed allows you to temporarily jump higher.

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Each drug can be consumed to acquire the Special Power it contains. By using the Take Drug Key E you can temporarily increase your Ball Size, jump higher, become invisible, run faster or become unhittable.

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Each drug has an amount of time its effects will last, but taking more will re-up the effects and keep you on your binge. Drugs are also used as the fuel or ammunition for your PowerMoves. If you are having trouble with a certain part of the game you can check out our forums HERE where there are tutorials for getting through the missions. If you want to go the easy route try some cheat codes which can be found HERE.

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If you are seeing stars covering up the bits and pieces of the characters while in sex it means that you are playing a Limited Demo version of BoneTown which is censored. You must purchase the full game as either a Download or DVD to see the good stuff.

We currently are not offering the demo version. Cracked versions of BoneTown have broken features such as this. Purchase a full version of BoneTown from www. If you have purchased a full version and it is bonetown sex fucked up, contact support d-dub. The two versions of the game are the exactly the same, with the bonetown sex difference being how you receive the game. If you get the Download version, you will receive an with instructions on how to download and play BoneTown once the download is complete.

The only other difference is that the Download version comes with the latest updates while if you purchase a DVD version you will need to go HERE to download and install the latest updates. Please allow up to two weeks inside the US and three for international, although most boxed versions will arrive within 8 business days to US addresses and within weeks for international. For any other questions or concerns please send your question or concern to our support d-dub. The Downloadable version of the game is a 1GB file that usually downlo within 45 minutes.

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Bonetown sex

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