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The fantasy-based porn business was slow to embrace the real-life interactions of social media. But now hundreds of adult stars are on Twitter, talking to fans and receiving gifts. Plus, a gallery of 10 porn stars to follow. While the porn business has enjoyed a reputation for always being at the cutting edge of technology and the Internet, social media at first presented a special challenge.

Porn stars have traditionally been marketed as figures of unattainable fantasy, and the company owners and agents who run the industry originally doubted the value in sharing with fans the mundane details and drama of real life.

Also, porn is still a business where performers rarely use their real names, and worry about everything from stalkers bobbi starr twitter obscenity prosecutions. Yet, after individual porn stars built huge followings on Twitter, the industry has belatedly learned the value of social media: Porn stars love Twitter.

One person who observed and benefitted from the growth of this special relationship has been Pete Housley, whose company Porn Star Tweet provides a service that verifies and aggregates porn stars on Twitter as well as tweets about porn stars. In the past, he had to hustle to get porn stars to use Twitter. The porn industry pooh-bahs, too, have finally caught on to Twitter. We had the only live stream standing on the red carpet. We sent tweets with over pictures.

Certain porn stars are more active on Twitter than others and, as with any group of people, some prove more interesting to follow. But with the most popular ones, does it help their business? Yes, say some. But I have about 50, followers, who I call my babies, and the industry is just now learning how supportive my babies are when I go somewhere, do a Web show, or make a film. But not everyone sees it that way. It has never come up. Still, while a large Twitter following might not yet directly translate into film work within the industry, no one doubts Twitter is clearly transforming the relationship between porn stars and fans.

But I am definitely getting followers who have never seen my movies. In addition to amassing large followings, Twitter enjoys a unique and growing status in terms of being a public square for the porn world. Porn stars not only talk to fans, they also speak to each other, with fans following—and have occasional flame wars. Within a half-hour her agent had her take the tweet down. While MySpace was briefly in vogue in the porn community a couple of years ago, Facebook has proven hostile territory to adult stars, with many claiming their profiles are often deleted, multiple times, and for no reason they can understand.

One thing is clear: Twitter in the past year has transformed the way porn stars communicate—they now have the opportunity to reach fans and build followings off screen. Porn Star Tweets tracks porn stars who are followed by 9, users; the porn stars follow backfans. On average, the stars tweet 6. And, in exchange for all this openness, porn stars have found how to get rewards; They get a lot of gifts from online lists, particularly Amazon. She also likes to tweet out her wish list. She says three packages—jewelry, shoes—a day is normal in her mail.

Kristina Rose. In this way, Twitter has allowed porn stars—if not the porn industry—to profit from their followings in ways unimaginable a few years ago. Porn is big on sex acts and low on real interaction and personality. Twitter bobbi starr twitter the personality gap in a way never before possible. Still, there are limits to the sharing in a profession where image can mean everything. But Twitter breaks down the wall between us and the fans as much as I think it can come down. Twitter definitely is the best showcase for the range of people in the industry.

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